The Move to Open Primary School is Most Prudent and Timely!

  • Unmistakably, there is a sense of relief and hope amongst the citizens as the confirmed Covid infection rates consistently show a downward trend over the last few weeks. Even the most affected states like Kerala and Maharashtra are showing a remarkable decrease in the infection numbers. The Union Government as well as State Governments have done an incredible job in ensuring the debilitating second Covid wave is countered with effective measures. The results are there for all to see. Most importantly, the vaccination pace has picked up pace on the back of increased production and streamlining of supply-side hitches to enable all eligible adults to receive jabs. This has singularly enabled to curb the severity of cases to a large extent.

PC: Hans News Service

  • As the lockdown restrictions were eased in a gradual manner allowing for several activities to resume, the economic growth too is showing signs of revival what with people shedding their earlier inhibitions and apprehensions to go about resuming their erstwhile routine leading to the uptick. Extremely hard-pressed sectors like travel, tourism, hospitality, and education are finally seeing concrete actions of resuming activities after months of inaction. The long festive season has had a catalyzing effect allowing people to happily indulge in free movements as also unleashing pent-up urge to indulge in grudge travelling and purchasing. Of course, the market is not complaining one bit as several attractive offerings are in place to lure the multitude of customers back on the fold.
  • Make no mistake, the education sector too is hugely affected by the pandemic-induced lockdowns since the absence of conventional classroom teachings was duly substituted by online pedagogy which could at best be termed as the stop-gap arrangement serving very little purpose indeed. No sooner the situation started to resemble normal, the education authorities initiated several measures to kick-start the offline mode of learning. As you are aware, the higher education portals like universities, colleges, and senior school grades kickstarted offline classes a few months back. This move was only after it was made mandatory for the teaching and non-teaching staff to receive vaccination doses setting a chain of positive events leading to the resumption of junior grades now.

PC: Enrique Dans

  • Most of the states in the country have resumed primary grades to undergo normal teachings though it is still not mandatory for the children to visit schools. The announcement by the Union Government about the Emergency User Approval of vaccines for children between the years of 2 to 18 has had a reassuring impact on the parents though. The Karnataka government too has announced the opening of grades 1 to 5 from 25th October which is not only a wise move but also most timely since the young children were losing out on actual education per se. Mind you, the Covid appropriate behavior can neither be ignored nor compromised for the fear of virus striking yet again still lurks around us. For the time being, happy schooling days are here again!