The Data Privacy is a Serious Matter! It Should Not be Compromised!

  • The emphasis laid out on digitalization efforts around the world needs no further elaboration. The information technology-driven evolution witnessed over the last few years is simply spectacular, revolutionizing the way we lead our lives in line with the fast-changing times. The abundance of opportunities created by the digital revolution has been beneficial for Indian information technology experts, who are in high demand worldwide. There is no denying that digital technology is everywhere and has permeated all aspects of modern life. Simply said, things now are not the same as they were a few decades ago. But nobody is grumbling. You see, everyone wants to participate.

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  • As is the case with the introduction of novel and ingenious systems, the digital aspect too is endowed with pros and cons that could disturb the euphoria surrounding the most happening technology. One of the most expressed common concerns is data privacy. With everything under the sun going digital, the onus is on the authorities to ensure an individual’s data privacy is not breached. We also know how smartphones have become a part of our daily lives. Talking of India, mobile phones are ubiquitous here as over a billion subscribers show the reach of the medium. Most importantly, the subscriber numbers are growing as well. Consequently, attempts to get people to part with their phone numbers, often through dubious means, are common.
  • One such example is to get customers to share their phone numbers to bill retail purchases. We all have experienced this phenomenon with differing annoyances. Even when it has no function in completing a transaction, it is frequently done by connecting it to the billing system. Fortunately, it has been stated that this practice of compromising the privacy of personal data may soon come to an end as the consumer affairs ministry is anticipated to issue a warning to halt it. The move is much-needed. Yet, it doesn’t address the main issue. Transactions involving consumers are not the only instances of data privacy infringement. Its breadth is much broader. Legislating a comprehensive personal data privacy law is the only way to ensure it. Every solution is, at best, a patchwork attempt without that.


  • India has fallen behind in this area. As a result, there has been an increase in the unintentional extraction of personal data along with the growth of digital activity. The personal data protection measure has undergone multiple amendments, but it has not yet been submitted to Parliament. In India’s data protection system, two principles—data minimization and purpose limitation—should be emphasized heavily. The first line of defense against misuse is the restriction of data collection to that which is required to execute a transaction. Assuring that the data is only used for the intended purpose is the aim of the purpose limitation principle. Despite its best efforts, the consumer affairs ministry is unable to ensure the confidentiality of the personal information of Indian citizens. Yet a new beginning must begin now.

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