Test Match Cricket is Alive and Kicking Garnering Support Along the Way!

  • Ask any genuine cricket lovers, there is something that is not only attractive and eye-catching but also succeeds in ensuring the grabbing of undivided attention while watching an enthralling Test match cricket played between two equally matched teams. As Test cricket is played out over five days, the long format of the game offers enough opportunities for the contesting teams to make a comeback during the course of the match. In that, every session assumes greater importance and the team managing to hold the upper hand in those sessions will eventually emerge a winner. Of course, cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties and may not follow the script to the last word. There may be even more surprises in store as history suggests.

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  • Make no mistake, the twists, twirls, excitement, anticipation, and riveting nature of the sport ensures there is no dearth of thrills associated along the way. One should be aware of the nuances associated to appreciate the happenings though. No wonder, the purists and quintessential cricket aficionados will not wholeheartedly accept the increasingly popular abridged versions of the game so easily. Talking of the shorter format, the hugely popular T20 cricket especially gets a huge thumbs-down by those who are steadily brought up on the staple diet of five-day Test matches for long. On the contrary, it is an extremely tedious affair to impress upon the present generation, who are brought up on a surfeit of slam-bang variety, extolling about the virtues of Test cricket.
  • Not for nothing, the Indian Premier League T20 cricket tournament is such a big money-spinner never failing to garner popular support amongst the younger patrons. Of late, Test cricket too is making a statement of sorts by dishing out quality stuff thereby prevailing over the negative connotations identified with the format as compared to the abridged version. Note that there is one commonality that should be easy enough to acknowledge the superiority of the longer format. The contest must always be between equals and well-balanced teams matching player to player in skill sets. Ideally speaking, the contest between the bat and the ball should be evenly matched to produce engrossing sparring.

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  • Any mismatch is bound to be grossly one-sided killing the competition prematurely even before the first ball is bowled. There is no better way than witnessing the keen contest going to the wire producing a winner on the last session of the match. For that to happen, frontline Test-playing nations like India, Australia, England, New Zealand, and South Africa should square up against each other more frequently. Also, not-so-popular Test-playing nations should be extended every opportunity to excel by playing against the marquee teams. Substantially gaining the patronage of cricket enthusiasts will be on the ascendancy if the display on offer is captivating. Hopefully, the original format of the game will sustain its popularity in the coming days. Thankfully, promising signs are already visible.