Starting Schools in Karnataka is a Most Welcome Move, Indeed!

  • As we all are aware, the current academic session is in the last leg of its journey and there was no information forthcoming as to when the schools would eventually open. As the pandemic situation increasingly appears under control with a gradual reduction of confirmed infection cases, the Karnataka government was expected to take a considered and informed view on opening the schools sooner than later. To its credit, the government has shown remarkable consistency in following the recommendations of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) formed to advise on matters related to the pandemic.


  • The decision to defer the opening of schools till now was solely based on the TAC’s recommendations. The Committee had recently recommended commencing the opening of schools for Grade X and Grade XII by strictly adhering to safety and health protocols. In the continuity of its policy, the government has now approved the opening of schools for Grade X and XII students by observing mandated protocols from 01st January 2021 onwards. Needless to mention, this move is extremely welcome and timely indeed as students of these two critical grades are scheduled to face Board examinations in the coming months.
  • Especially students pursuing science streams would require physical presence to not only undertake practical laboratory classes but also undergo requisite conventional learning methodology to comprehend the subjects. Practically speaking and from the perspective of a science student, any more delay in allowing the schools to open would have severely affected students of higher grades catastrophically. As is being witnessed elsewhere, the pandemic fatigue has indeed made its debilitating presence in the portals of learning too as the student community has reached a saturation point vis-à-vis online teachings.

PC: India Today

  • Novelty element observed during the initial months of online teachings has gradually paved the way for fatigue here too as the pedagogy continues to be a mundane affair meandering on without any zest, intent, or energy. Nothing to take away from the teachers or their welcoming efforts. However, murmurings from the students about the not so effective online mode of learning is slowly gaining ground. Most notably, the rural background students of public schools are deprived of quality teachings because of the internet inaccessibility as also the suspension of the Vidyagama program that made the teachers reach out to students in imparting education.
  • With the government deciding to open these grades, a much-wanted beginning has been made and the onus now rests with the parents, school authorities/management as well as students in equal measures. Adhering to standard protocols should be uncompromising as the dreaded virus is still lurking all around us. Once the experiment with higher grades shows how exactly all stakeholders are prepared in dealing with the school opening, the subsequent decision could be opined on other grades too. Happy schooling, once again!

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