Puneeth Rajkumar’s Untimely Passing Away is a Massive Loss to the Kannada Film Industry! (part II)

  • As the spontaneous outpouring of grief and poignant reactions of the fans, common people, celebrities, and film fraternity cutting across industries suggest, Appu was not only admired for his onscreen performances but also offscreen too. Every celebrity, whether closely or distantly associated, had nothing but rave about his simplistic outlook towards life. That he could establish himself in the hearts of people from all walks of life and across the nook and corner of Karnataka is a revelation in itself. The instinctive deluge of sorrow and the teeming millions lining up to pay respects showcases how deeply entrenched the superstar was in the hearts of patrons. Adding to the sadness is to comprehend unknown until now contributions to numerous welfare activities and charities as part of Appu’s philanthropic indulgences.

PC: Laxman Chaurasiya

  • Since the social and electronic media relentlessly started streaming/beaming several altruistic offerings, the gentleman actor’s other side of the persona too came into the fore leaving millions of his fans aghast with only one question on their lips. Yes, why such a noble soul was snatched away from them so quickly and prematurely. It is becoming increasingly clear by now that Appu had a huge amount of commendable works to contribute to the coming years through the envisaged roadmap. He had already set up a production house that was producing serials for the television and movies starring new entrants with a slew of projects lined up. Reports suggest he was exploring OTT platforms too that would have elevated the Kannada film industry a notch higher.
  • Behind those disarming smiles and twinkle in the eyes, a shrewd businessman’s acumen was at work is stating the obvious. Sensing the reach and scope of the digital medium with plans to explore uncharted territories for the benefit of the Kannada entertainment industry is a visionary enterprise. This could have eventually emerged as a benchmark decision altering the very business model of the Kannada entertainment industry like never seen before. Besides what Appu’s presence could have resulted in the coming years vis-à-vis establishing of newer ventures, the loss to the Kannada film market by his untimely demise will be incalculable. There are hardly a few big names in the industry who command a reasonable to creditable market-share bringing in the precious revenue. Puneeth was on top of that list by a comfortable distance.

PC: ETBrandEquity

  • One of the highest-paid actors, Appu’s movies were always considered a sure-shot winner at the box-office drawing huge crowds as well as moolah in greater numbers. Needless to mention, a movie starring a marquee actor would be produced on a massive scale which also means employing a large number of other actors, technicians, and behind-the-scenes workers. The paraphernalia stretches to include distributors, exhibitors, marketing, and many related verticals too. One can imagine what a loss Appu’s inopportune demise means to the Kannada film industry per se. Coming to terms with the loss itself is unimaginable and as such, it is inconceivable to fill the void left behind by the power star in the foreseeable future. The void will remain. RIP, Appu!