Presidential Elections of USA Resembles Our Election Madness!

  • The most eagerly awaited elections in the entire world are hardly a few days away set to choose the most powerful man in the world. Battle-lines have been clearly drawn and a no-holds-barred vicious election campaign is underway freely throwing in lies, falsified videos, doctored photos, and below the belt name-calling not witnessed so far in the history of the United States of America.  With everyday electioneering ushering in more vile, personal attacks, and highly despicable denigration of opposing candidates over mental acuity, physical fitness, and moral rectitude, the next few days will be anything but gravely acrimonious for sure.
  • The two geriatric septuagenarians viz. President Donald Trump and the challenger former Vice President Joe Biden are leaving no stone unturned to propel their respective fortunes playing up to their loyal followers. Main issues highlighted in impressing upon the voters are the handling of the pandemic that has resulted in more than 2.15 lakh lost lives largely owing to lackadaisical approach of the incumbent who never acknowledged the fatal consequences of the virus as against the opposing candidate highly critical of the actions or lack of it allowing the menace to create havoc amongst the populace.

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  • That the President himself was afflicted with the infection turned to be irony of sorts though the man self-declared as cured within three days of admitting into a hospital. Add to the mix the raging supremacist and racist conundrum, the stage is set for riveting and spiteful electioneering underway much to the amusement of many, including us so used to the usual paraphernalia associated with desi elections which are dime a dozen in one or the other form round the year.  Cynical people who never let go of an opportunity to sneer at the advanced nations for espousing high moral grounds would be feeling vindicated as the besmirching campaign chugs along in the USA.
  • Our elections are no less than entertaining is an understatement what with myriad issues cloaked in sarcasm, mudslinging, scams, scandals, caste, social standings, lack of amenities, unfulfilled promises, corruption charges, and uncharitable remarks bordering on unparliamentary usage of words are par for the course methodology adopted by political parties. We, the citizens, are so accustomed to the extremely high-voltage campaign trails unleashed by the political shenanigans that it no longer induces us to accept or swayed away by the promises galore via manifestos.

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  • Most amazingly, what used to be civilized conduct during electioneering in the USA is resembling like our very own elections albeit with as yet unseen but an ever-increasing prospect of the defeated President not letting go of the High Office citing the irrational reason(s) cannot be discounted. If such an unpleasant situation arises, the leadership mantle of the world’s most powerful nation will be tested to the core.  No wonder, the entire world community is watching with bated breath as the D-Day approaches.  Till then soak in the fun and entertainment on display!

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