Political Defectors and Re-Defectors is An Ugly Playout Perpetrated on the People!

  • The people keenly observing the political developments in the country would be never left wondering as to why certain leaders switch allegiance multiple times during their colorful careers spanning decades. There is any number of political defectors who would have abandoned their mother party for the sake of carving out a niche for themselves as well as in search of more greener pastures to further their career interests. Ever thought about why a democratic country like India has so many registered political parties numbering in hundreds and growing by the day?

PC: T Muruganandham

  • Soon after attaining independence, people in the know would recollect that there were hardly a few national parties in the beginning gradually enabling many parties to establish credentials based on certain ideologies suited to serve their interests. Since then, one of the most significant transformations seen on the political firmament is the emergence of stronger regional parties captivating the local narrative in a firm set-up catering to the native aspirations. That these regional parties have gained a tremendous foothold in proportionate to the gradual decline of the Grand Old Party, the Indian National Congress is a different story altogether.
  • The number of parties panning out exponentially over the last few decades amply demonstrates this phenomenon gaining traction and acceptability amongst the citizens. As ambitions of the leaders too gained feathers, many political frontrunners switching sides became so common that it no longer surprises comprehending people any longer. Forget about ideologies, beliefs, principles, and strategies adopted by these political ideologues as the tendency to shift loyalty is never a hindrance as those identifiers are conveniently given a short-shrift in pursuit of fulfilling desires.

PC: Gwendolyn May

  • These defectors usually wait for opportunities leading to the announcement of elections, parliament as well legislative assemblies, before taking decisive steps to jump the ship. Such a tendency has seen an increasing trend in the last few years where political leaders have not only jumped from a particular mother party to another but also have returned to the fold after failing to leave a mark or not transcending to desired levels of ascendancy. Such befuddling switchovers perpetrated by the political honchos in recent times are dime a dozen. A case in point is one of the Trinamool Congress’s founding leaders who had quit the party in 2017 to join hands with the Bharatiya Janata Party.
  • Citing suffocation and hindrances in pursuing people-friendly polity, a euphemism for differences with the party brass, the leader has rejoined the TC after failing to impress the saffron party’s fortunes in the recently concluded assembly elections. Of course, people no longer get overly flustered or disturbed with the turn of events as these turncoats gets royally ignored. No wonder, certain leaders are shown the door unceremoniously at the hustings but few does leave behind a mark as well. What matters is our vibrant democracy continues to floruish despite chaos! Long live, India!

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