Harsh Punishment for Racist Remarks Made a Decade Back!

  • There is no place for racism and racist or sexist remarks in the modern-day world need no further elaboration. People embracing such despicable habits in any form of our daily existences vis-à-vis offices, businesses, exchanges, interactions, activities including sporting contests should be dealt with severely is stating the obvious. We all pride in being forward-looking, accommodative, and large-hearted consciously desisting every effort at denigrating fellow humans on matters concerning and/or related to race, color, creed, or caste. Simply put, there is no place for any of these follies in the present day where equality, respectability, unbiased, and level playing field essays supreme role.

PC: Carmen Morris

  • Of course, sporadic incidents of racial abuse do get reported but such indiscretions are dealt with promptly and decisively setting a precedent for quick rebuttal/action. Authorities and responsible organizations from different fields have developed zero-tolerance for racial abuse is universally known. Against this backdrop, the latest to emanate from the sporting arena is the suspension of English cricketer Ollie Robinson from all international cricket for offensive tweets posted almost a decade ago appears to be an overzealous and over-the-top reaction. Note that the cricketer’s offensive tweets were posted when he was a teenager. No one is denying that what he wrote then was racist and sexist but acting now defies logic.
  • If the same yardstick were to apply, there is also little doubt that many people, including those holding far more important jobs than Robinson’s, would be in the dock if they were to be judged when adults on their teenage stupidity or even prejudice. The cricketer has offered a full apology for the irresponsible tweets and as such, English cricket authorities should have perhaps offered mandatory counseling and subsequently allowed him to play. The chastised cricketer would have emerged more conscientious and polished to become a role model of sorts. The realization of the offense perpetrated, and subsequent apology should have sufficed but the English cricket authorities chose to go overboard here.

PC: John Etheridge

  • Herein lies a message that in sports as in other fields, there needs to be a sensibly applied statute of limitation on past misconduct, unless that conduct is so heinous that time does not wash away its horror. Career-crippling punishment now for the decade back tweets simply amount to harsh viewed in the present context. Cricket and other sports have tough rules to deal with current players’ offensive conduct. As such, a racist comment on a cricket field deserves stringent action but a racist tweet from a teenager who is now a chastened adult does not. Another aspect of the Robinson saga is the power of the internet which makes everything seem present and now as nothing dies in it.
  • Internet messages are so proficiently get circulated that those old posts seem freshly offensive when they begin circulating on social media. This is among the internet’s most unwelcoming aspects rendering an achiever seem unwanted seeking an easy escape route. As it stands now, the famous, including sportsmen and celebrities from diverse fields, will need to be smarter than they often are in their comments and beliefs. In the meanwhile, the English cricket board should do the right thing by reviewing its decision and call Robinson back without any further delay.

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