Parliament Witnessed Something Missing Since Long, Birpartisanship!

  • People in the know who are keen followers of political developments churning out in the country would have grown cynical and acerbic having witnessed the opposition benches resorting to widespread disruptions, walking out at the drop of a hat, creating a nuisance, free for all barbs and name-calling, trooping into the well of the House, and generally indulging in every other trick up their sleeves to place the treasury benches under pressure. Issues meant to be debated, discussed and attempted at obtaining wider agreement keeping in mind the overall interest of the nation should be the guiding principles for our elected representatives to conduct business.

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  • There is any number of past precedents recorded in the conduct of the business in both Houses of Parliament adorned by some of the biggest and tallest names in the history of the country known for their statesmanship like dispositions as well as erudition, oratorical skills, and ability to win over opposition ranks without resorting to unparliamentary performances. Taking few names from amongst the bevy of stalwarts would do no justice for the enormous contributions made towards building the nation’s cause. However, there are hardly any such towering leaders left who could command huge respect cutting across party lines.
  • Admirable aura, awe-inspiring personality, and years of toil in propagating the common citizens’ welfare defined these select leaders works who were not required to expend too much in holding interests of the nation as well as the House representative’s courtesy their well-earned wisdom. Building consensus, friendship, affection, and the ability to reach out to diverse representatives through innocuous banter even during heated discussions are a rare sight nowadays. The gift of the gab is blessed upon very few and most importantly, knowing to utilize the same under what circumstances and situations is an innate gift very few possess in real life.

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  • Where vertical polarization rules the roost completely between the warring political parties in the changed narrative on a show over the past few years, it is an extremely welcome and gladdening experience to witness a rare bonhomie exhibited by the likes of the Prime Minister who led in showering glowing tributes to the Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha whose term comes to an end this week. Optics on display was not only refreshing but also would compel scores to introspect honestly why our elected representatives cannot let go of parochial considerations to allow matters of national importance to be debated and discussed in a congenial manner.
  • The onus to build consensus, nurture healthy friendship and more harmonious political exchanges rests with the dominant national party in power. Adopting such an approach could bring on board opposing political parties whose opposition isn’t ideological but driven more by extreme political polarization. Ruling dispensation harps on the principles of cooperative federalism and it is time the approach is extended to reach out to all opposing voices, including the farmers’ agitation, to arrive at an acceptable solution. Building consensus is inevitable in the coming days as the Union Government envisages disinvestment from non-strategic PSUs alongside other crucial reformist measures. The PM enjoys the heft and traction to press ahead.

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