Paradox Thy Name is Indian Middle-class Mentality!

  • India as a nation is full of paradoxes that needs no further emphasis or elucidation. At every turn of events or occasions, seemingly straightforward issues might be portrayed as extremely critical and vice-versa. Complexities dotting the vast habitation of the country are too varied as the differences extend way beyond the boundaries of regions, culture, tradition, practices, and habits. The diversity of languages and forms of dialects in use also essays a unique roleplay which is not only unpredictable but also fascinating to note.

PC: Geeta Anand and Amol Sharma

  • The largely agrarian country still reliant on agriculture-based activities for livelihood and sustenance amply denotes millions of people classified as poor, lower-middle-class, and middle-class, respectively. Further, despite the modernity making visible presence via developmental revolutions leaving very few areas untouched or uninfluenced, accompanying paraphernalia viz. developments seen across the urban and semi-urban dwellings is hard to be missed. Indeed, newer changes are always welcomed with open arms.
  • However, what has not changed notwithstanding humongous progressions vis-à-vis innovations, inventions, and revolutionary developmental upsurge witnessed in recent times is an age-old fixation with the patriarchal mindset which continues to rule the roost. None of the society’s hierarchy including people from affluent families can lay claim to the fact that anyone segment has successfully overcome obsolete and despicable mindset reserving primacy to the male gender as compared to the female gender. The stark reality is that discrimination is still deep-rooted and shows no visible sign of abating.


  • Feminine gender still plays second fiddle to the male dominion speaks volumes about the progressions or lack of it and it extends the contradiction to the way treatment is meted out whilst raising a family as well. People in the know would comprehend how ludicrous the notion of paradox assumes primacy when it is noticed in a classical/typical middle-class family how the lever of control changes hand. No wonder, there is an adage spoken in the country with sarcasm dripping amidst superficial talks of growth i.e. “an enemy to a woman is none other than a woman herself”.

PC: Stephanie Gleason

  • Name it hypocritical or apathy, since times immemorial, a set pattern plays out in a majority of a typical middle-class family where a prospective mother-in-law would expect no less than a complete servitude from the would-be daughter-in-law towards her son in matters related to domesticity. In no uncertain terms, mothers would urge sons to exercise total authority even before marriage is solemnized counseling on the potential dangers if even a tiny bit of leeway is accorded to the new entrant usurping the authority in running the house.
  • In the same vein, mothers also expect daughters to control their prospective husbands to be subservient as well lest they would be treated with less respect what with controlling levers firmly entrenched at the hands of mothers-in-law. What an antithetical viewpoint propagated by women who would wish to keep their progenies to exercise so-called authority but expediently denying the same to an outsider, even if it happens to be another woman. The paradox at play is hard to miss, and the same mentality rules unabated.

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Krishna MV
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