Night Curfew During the December Weekend is Plain Doublespeak

  • It is heartening to note that the confirmed infection rates across the country are on a downward trajectory for the past few weeks. Karnataka too has consistently witnessed a lesser number of confirmed infection cases during the same period. Encouraging bit of news coming amidst challenging times and hardships experienced by everyone during the past few months. However, healthcare experts believe the second wave could be striking the state in the month of January-February after flattening out in the interim.

PC: Dr. MS Kanwar

  • As the experts have been warning quite forcefully for a long time, it is premature to let our guard down from observing by now the standard protocol of maintaining distance, wearing a personal mask covering mouth and nose, and frequently washing hands with sanitizers/soaps. Indeed, this norm would remain in force for the foreseeable future as well. As the vaccine candidatures make promising progress, with few getting emergency authorizations for usage, there is hope on the horizon to finally rein in the virus.
  • Delving further the government is exhorting citizens in no uncertain terms to learn to live with the virus as the economic activities pick up speed following lockdown measures. People too have realized that life must move on and remaining scared by confining to the comforts of houses no longer is feasible nor advisable. However, the state government’s guidelines issued from time to time not only leads to confusion but also evokes strong reactions simply because it smacks of doublespeak bereft of logic.

PC: Lesley Furber

  • It is being mentioned that the Technical Advisory Committee, set by the government, has advised imposing night curfew leading up to the December end new year celebrations fearing mass gatherings might lead to the renewed spread of the virus. It is understood the government is weighing options. The entire state is witness to how the government allowed byelection campaigning without resorting to strict implementation by enforcing social distancing norms. Forget about distancing, even mandatory wearing of masks was not adhered to during the campaigning period as the visuals showed.
  • Enforcing agencies looked other way is stating the obvious as the political leaders, including the Chief Ministers and his colleagues, extensively undertook rallies addressing thousands of people found violating norms with great impunity. As the old saying goes, action should speak louder than words, all political leaders went about breaching health and safety guidelines conveniently, but asking people to adhere will only succeed in evoking contempt and derision for the plain doublespeak it is indulging in.

PC: ntl-studio

  • Trust me, imposing a night curfew at this point will neither serve the purpose of ensuring uninterrupted revenue generation for the government as it battles deficit nor will it help the cause of the people who would wish to break away from the suffocating fatigue afflicting them after months of hardships. The onus is equally on the citizens to ensure their safety by observing safety norms. On its part, the government is well advised to stay away from reintroducing irrational restrictions.

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Krishna MV
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