Alcohol Doesn’t Solve Problems, But Neither Does Milk!

  • Since times immemorial, as humankind started making its presence felt in the vast landscape of the universe by embracing newer inventions and innovations of the period, the knowledge about all matters surrounding us too started getting explored revealing fascinating information that would stand us in good stead during further investigations. Inquisitiveness is one trait that has pushed the button for humankind leading to the unraveling of any number of newer discoveries perpetually and the quest continues to this day.

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  • From the primordial living to the present-day technology defined modern world order where anything and everything to do with digital is gaining unquestionable primacy, one ancient aspect of placing tremendous thrust on maintaining a healthy lifestyle hasn’t undergone any discernible change. Rather the emphasis on robust physical as well as mental health has gained unprecedented focus minutely delineating what to do and what not to do with microscopic valuation on eating/drinking habits taking precedence over others.
  • With the amount of information available to us on what constitutes healthy habits vis-à-vis eating/drinking alongside physical exercise to remain fit, humankind will feel spoilt for choices and hence is at liberty to adopt whatever is deemed necessary. As is known universally, human beings are nothing but social animals dictated by the habits so cultivated over a period. Likewise, every other indulgences’ known to mankind is also not necessarily healthy but has seen the practice twisted to suit one’s palate conveniently.


  • Therefore, people habituated to embrace alcohol as a medium of relaxation, entertainment, and that sheds inhibitions miraculously would vociferously vouch the lighthearted as well as feel-good feeling emanating after consuming the intoxicating beverages. Scores of patrons would also argue with conviction about the medicinal values inherent in the moderate consumption of intoxicating beverages that helps in keeping the heart, of all the organs through unproven scientifically, beats the conventional wisdom.
  • And there are scores of patrons who wish to drown their sorrows by allowing alcohol to consume them rather than they consume the still forbidden brew, especially amongst the conservative lot, thereby lending credence to the not so welcoming treatment meted out to the alcoholics. Assuming alcohol consumption alleviates problems without addressing in a desired manner is not only naïve and irrational but also depicts the patrons indulging in the act as losers not cut out to face the vagaries of life in all its hues.


  • The society’s paradoxical adherence vis-à-vis perceptibly questionable practices like alcohol consumption being bracketed as vile practice and contrarily, milk consumption elevated to almost immortal pedestal hailing in no uncertain terms all the health benefits it accords to humans. No denying the fact that indeed milk presents better nutritional aid in our growth whereas, alcohol consumption in excess has a debilitating effect on our well-being leading to complications on our personal health as well as domestic life too.
  • Interestingly, note that milk does not solve any problems either though moderate intake of alcohol stimulates neurological receptors letting go of acquired inhibitions in a jiffy, unlike the more somber liquid. Owing to an uncluttered mind, alcohol may trigger inspirational bouts. The benefits or demerits of alcohol consumption is intangible though whereas milk produces more tangible benefits that do not leave room for much debate. Nonetheless, vegans may deny this vehemently. The moral of the story is anything in excess is harmful. Moderate indulgence, even if it is alcohol, does help for sure.

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