Negotiating Wretched Roads in Bengaluru is An Art and Skill, No Less!

  • The very instant anyone reads the subject matter, ten out of ten would not mince words in expressing their approval vociferously. Such has been the torture faced by the motorists on the notoriously choked Bengaluru roads over the years that millions will not stop at cursing the authorities for making their commuting woes manifolds and with no sign of relief in sight. Year after year, election after elections, assurances after assurances, promises after promises, deadlines after deadlines, injuries after injuries, and deaths after deaths has not shaken the establishment one bit to act with precision, alacrity, and finesse in addressing this glaring anomaly consuming the otherwise superb reputation of our beloved metropolitan city.


  • The situation is inimical for commuters is obvious. Successive state governments over the years have announced grandiose plans to mitigate the commuters from daily torture but to no avail. The reason, plans continue to remain just that on paper. Yes, the authorities suddenly wake up whenever an avoidable loss of life occurs owing to poor road maintenance in the form of craters that usually gets passed away as potholes. Aggrieved citizens raising voices for the irreplaceable losses will gain traction for a day or two with the usual assurances from the authorities to soon rectify bandied about with lots of fanfare. Subsequently, everything is forgotten, and the routine life of city dwellers resume as if nothing happened.
  • Some call it spirited forbearance, resilience, never-say-die attitude, and eternally optimistic. Pick whatever suits you best. Due credit to the government for introducing several measures like Metro Rail Service and increase in the public transport utilities, but the condition of the road continues to remain pathetic for the ordinary commuters. Each weather pattern brings along unique challenges. If it is summer, expect unbearable dust and fumes emanating from the non-existent roads as well as millions of vehicles. The worst is reserved for the monsoon season. Though we all look forward to seasonal rains after the heat of the summer months, commuting is rendered extremely hazardous since water-filled potholes are nothing but veritable deathtraps waiting to ensnare unsuspecting commuters. If temporary fixing of potholes is accomplished, you will face another set of daunting challenges.

PC: Jaspal Singh

  • Perpetual road digging up by different government agencies ensues. Assuming the roads are spruced up to make one believe contended finally – even if the reprieve is temporary, mind you – negotiating roads alongside thousands of commuters call for adroitness, presence of mind, sharp maneuvering skills, patience, and most importantly, unadulterated luck to survive to see another day. If Bengaluru citizens feel commuting is safer if one rides a two-wheeler for whatever errands, think twice. Though much better option in comparison to slow-moving four-wheelers, riding two-wheelers have to compete with belligerent and reckless three-wheeled autorickshaws, who are a law unto themselves. If you still make it without a scratch on your person or vehicle, pat yourself on the back for possessing incomparable artistry and skillsets to navigate. Those hard-earned skills will stand you in good stead anywhere in the world. You have earned it. Flaunt it with gusto.

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