Modern Terror Warfare is Becoming HI-Tech!

  • Modern warfare around the world is increasingly tilting towards acquiring cutting-edge technological innovations in line with the mind-boggling inventions witnessed so dynamically of late. Digital revolution on the back of Artificial Intelligence-driven technology is enabling advanced nations to further strengthen their defence capabilities. The race to develop, acquire, and deploy these pathbreaking acquisitions are dramatically changing the modern warfare inventory. Not so long ago, the defence forces used to rely on conventional firepower alone. With the advent of technology-driven gadgetry defining the nation’s standing globally vis-à-vis military inventory, the urgency to invest unheard-of funds is par for the course strategic policy now.

PC: Daniel Raskin

  • Conversely speaking, the terrorist organization duly backed by the diabolically inclined regimes hell-bent on creating disturbances are also keeping their destructive designs alive by aiming to destabilize the harmony. The Indian Defence establishment would have been rudely awakened by the recent terror attack at Jammu airport’s Indian Air Force (IAF) base. Thankfully, the attack failed to leave behind a trail of destruction but not before proving drones can be gainfully used posing a dangerous threat to lives and property. That the two low-intensity bombs, Lashkar is suspected to be behind the attacks, could not do much damage is less important than the fact that there seem to be no quick-fix solutions against such kind of terror innovations playing out.
  • It is to be noted with increasing alacrity that drones fit perfectly into Pakistan’s strategy to wage asymmetric warfare against India even though peace overtures are emanating from across the border. The game plan of the Pakistani establishment appears to be deceitfully using the services of surrogates like Lashkar and Jaish to stage such attacks from Indian soil as drone strike gives ISI plausible deniability. Such a terror move lowers the risk of across-the-border retaliation by Indian thinktank though forcing us into a costly and massive military deployment in the Kashmir Valley. At the same time, this new option is far cheaper as well as less labour intensive too perfectly fitting into the scheme of things of the enemy.


  • Another important point to note here is that every effort by the Government of India to establish peace in the Kashmir Valley is always met with terrorist attacks as previous experience suggests. All party meeting called by the Prime Minister recently is immediately followed by IED-laden drones sending an unambiguous message that nasty new additions to the unending conflict theatre of Kashmir will continue. On its part, India must modernize its military radar systems to identify small drones and pursue other quite expensive technological upgrades that disorient and disrupt drone communications. We cannot be lagging in the fast-evolving modern warfare scenario.
  • Concerted efforts to evolve high-tech solutions capable of pre-empting threats from the skies are a global work-in-progress but India’s defence research must also catch up to the reality. The Defence Research and Development Organization is reportedly working on solutions to neutralize terror drones. And we all know the agency is too slow whilst delivering effective weapon systems. The Jammu attack should make the Ministry of Defence place considerable pressure on DRDO to deliver on the equipment/products lined up. More delay on this front only helps in emboldening the inimical elements to further plan low-intensity but highly effective attacks on us.

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Krishna MV
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