Modern Society’s Evolution is Unpredictable, Offering Novelty Perpetually!

  • How often have we not heard about our parents, elders, well-wishers, teachers, acquaintances, speakers, leaders, and even strangers sharing experiences of their past on diverse matters surrounding life’s ingenuities? Simply put, there’s no dearth of such varied experiences narrated by the people hitherto considered unimaginable to even contemplate. Life itself offers so much variety in our existential parlance that it is literally endless to keep mentioning.  Bracketing them into something identifiable for a very long period is impossible, to say the least.  And, as you are aware, the human relationships are built on labyrinthine permutations and combinations perpetually which none have been able to decipher or accurately pin down.

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  • Nonetheless, one of the still remaining vestiges of earlier times is the predominance enjoyed by male species as compared to females in the overall scheme of things. Patriarchy and male preferences are still prevalent despite modernity-defined living standards in the present day have evolved beyond recognition.  Yes, we are well versed in hearing all talks about parity, equality, unbiased treatment, at par opportunities, and the level-playing field being bandied about at every given opportunity/platform.  Unfortunately, the reality on the ground is something else that shows not much change in the way the preeminence of males continues to exist and persist.  Although females have proved beyond they are second to none in comparison time and again.
  • Further, females are also adept at throwing up surprises smashing the prevalent dogma in society. One such instance caught the eyes of the discerning recently.  As newspapers reported, Kshama Bindu will be the cynosure of all eyes next week.  Why and what is so intriguing about the lady in question here? She plans to marry herself, yes you read it right.  It’s called sologamy having no legal standing but, and this is wonderful, it’s attracted more attention than most celebrity weddings.  Sologamy is not new as known instances of marrying oneself go back a couple of decades, and there may have been more examples that weren’t in the media glare in less obtrusive times.

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  • Regardless, the novelty of it will not disappear for it challenges the conventional building block of society, the institution of marriage. And what’s the reason for choosing sologamy? A commitment to oneself, and the joy of the wedding day without having to deal with what follows are among Bindu’s reasons for choosing sologamy.  Conservatives obviously don’t like it but may represent yet another aspect of modern society’s economic transformation.  No wonder, most sologamists seem to be women.  Why? As chances of being economically independent on one’s own terms go up, opportunities to question orthodoxy and its prescriptions go up, too.  Will Bindu be the catalyst to break yet another society’s conservative ceiling?  You bet, she will.

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Krishna MV
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