Lame-Duck Government Buckling Under Pressure from Unreasonable Demands!

  • Unforeseen stepping back moves from the Prime Minister while announcing the repeal of three Agri-Laws in the news for over a year now has left many befuddled and surprised. After holding out for such a long period amid aggressive agitations undertaken by the farm unions, this meek anti-climax in the form of repeal does not fit into the narrative so assiduously built around the ruling dispensation as well the Prime Minister himself. Having portrayed as a leader who does not fail to take decisive, daring, and delicate decisions on matters of great national importance, going back on the much-needed agriculture reform laws simply defeats the known narration.

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  • Would this decision not dent the carefully constructed image of the Union Government headed by the Prime Minister? Prima facie appears so. Let us explore how the announcement might trigger a potential fallout as the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM), the joint platform of farm organizations that fronted the protests are not done yet going by the announcement emerging from their side. The organization has announced that it will continue with its scheduled protest rallies, including ones to Parliament, till its other demands are met. The repeal decision has apparently set a wrong precedent.
  • Note that among a medley of its demands, the most dangerous is the one for a legal guarantee for minimum support price (MSP), and the most outrageous is the call for a repeal of the amendments proposed to the electricity law. Having tasted blood for making the supposedly strong Union Government bend to its relentless demand of repealing the Agri-Laws, the SKM is being wholly unreasonable by asking for changes that will make India an economic basket case. Mind you, the MSP effectively works for two crops namely paddy and wheat as this forms the foundation of GOI’s food security regime.

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  • Needless to mention, this regime has introduced multiple distortions in the farm economy and also extracted an environmental cost. Of course, there is a dire need to reform MSP and move India’s agrarian economy to a system where farmers respond to price signals in making choices. What SKM intends to do here is to push India towards unwanted nationalization of agriculture, a recipe for disaster. The irrational populist measures and the electoral vote-bank politics playing to the gallery have pushed the country from one crisis to another. The SKM appears hell-bent on preserving a status quo mainly defined by free or cheap power which the proposed electricity amendment bill tries to address.
  • Another demand relates to some provisions of a law that addresses stubble burning. The stubble burning problem continues as none of the relevant laws are ever enforced fearing backlash from the farmers. Make no mistake, the GOI had the right intent in its agricultural reform package and now that it has stepped back, it should draw a red line on the clutch of unreasonable demands with firmness. Any further yielding into pressure being exerted by not holding firm on reformist measures will position the Government as a lame-duck regime for sure. Inarguably, it is necessary to build consensus for reforms but equally important to stand firm when unreasonable demands are put forth.

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