Karnataka Election Will be Crucial for Congress to Show It’s Still Relevant!

  • The much-awaited announcement to the Karnataka state assembly election was made by the Election Commission of India recently. The single-phase election will be held on 10th May 2023, a Wednesday, and the results will be declared on 13th May 2023. People of Karnataka would know how the incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party assumed power after undertaking Operation Lotus – an endeavour of poaching opposition MLAs – mainly from the disgruntled elected leaders from Congress and the JD(S). The fractured mandate allowed the BJP to poach amenable MLAs to shore up its number to assume power. We know how the post-poll coalition experiment between Congress and JD(S) naturally fell through without completing the term.


  • Since then, several changes have occurred vis-à-vis the ruling government. BS Yediyurappa, the architect of BJP’s Karnataka surge, had to vacate his chief ministership after nudging from the high command. His predecessor Basavaraj Bommai has had to work under the looming shadows of Yediyurappa whose presence still commands tremendous traction. Mind you, the undercurrents running within the BJP are not secret anymore as the dogfight between the originals and the poached entrants continues to simmer along. Despite best efforts by the party satraps to reign in diffident voices, a few disgruntled elements are out in the open seeking attention as well as placing the party in an embarrassing situation on more than one occasion
  • Honestly speaking, the citizens of Karnataka will be not too happy with the way Bommai’s administration has delivered in the last year or so. Of course, two years of pandemic-induced restrictions did stifle every government from delivering on promises. However, the recovery of the economy ever since has not been too bad either. Karnataka, in particular, has delivered on expected lines vis-a-vis growth aspects but allegations of rampant corruption have been the bugbear of the BJP government of late. Remember, the BJP came to power in Karnataka on the back of a sustained campaign against Congress’s alleged corruption and dynastic politics. Now that the tables have turned, it’s interesting to observe how the BJP tries to counter the allegations.


  • People keenly following the fortunes of the state would know that the anti-incumbency will be a factor in the ensuing elections. The urban dwellers in particular and the citizens of other parts of the state are not too very happy with the way the Bommai government has performed. This is where the Grand Old Party needs to step up and cash in on the anti-incumbency pervading all around. However, the power struggle between the two top leaders viz. Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar potentially could harm the Congress’s prospects. If the party’s high command succeeds in ensuring both these leaders perform unitedly, there is no reason why Congress cannot score handsomely in the elections. This is essential for the party to stay relevant nationally.

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Krishna MV
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