Indian Diplomatic Response to China Could be More Aggressive!

  • The stand-off between India and China is more than four months now showing no sign of winding down or abating in the face of troop mobilization on the eastern border of Ladakh despite concerted efforts at diffusing the tense situation prevalent on the ground. Despite the Foreign and Defence Ministerial-level talks interspersed by several rounds of diplomatic and military level talks between the two sides, nothing concrete in terms of reaching a middle-ground has emerged.  On the contrary, both sides have strengthened border positions by stationing more troops and ammunition indicating the hardening of stands.

Pc: The Straits Times

  • To its credit, the Indian government did make decisive moves in showing the other side that it cannot be business as usual, as it used to be earlier, while our brave soldiers guarding the borders are martyred. Banning of several apps citing security risks to the country followed by restrictions on foreign direct investment routes and siding with other aggrieved countries to present collective opposition to the expansionist drive of the dragon nation are some of the welcome measures mirroring our resolve to not cow down to the overriding ambitions of the Chinese leadership.
  • The Indo-Pacific Quad foreign minister’s meeting in Tokyo involving India, Australia, Japan, and the USA has further riled the Chinese leading to provocative statements from the spokesperson questioning the rationality of such an alliance. The Chinese side has gone to the extent of describing the alliance move as unilateral with evil designs to curb the legitimate and sovereign ambitions of the nation.  Expectedly, the USA has candidly derided the Chinese clearly emphasizing that multilateralism will thrivein days to come.

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  • Coming close on the heels of 44 bridges inaugurated by the Defence Minister in the northern borders to facilitate smooth movement of the armed forces, China has reacted by stating that India’s development of the Border infrastructure as also enhanced military deployment as the “root cause” of the current tensions along the Line of Actual Control. Further, describing it does not recognize the so-called Union Territory of Ladakh setup illegally by India and Arunachal Pradesh, Beijing has opposed infrastructure building activity in disputed areas.
  • The above statement emanating from the neighbor is not only uncalled for but also clearly establishes one-sided perception being nurtured for long in questioning our valid border infrastructure strengthening efforts. All-out efforts to strengthen our side of the LAC should progress without any second thoughts.  Also, a strongly worded rebuttal should be forthcoming from the Indian side asking Beijing not to interfere with internal matters of the country.  What stops us from raising prickly issues of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the South China Sea defies logic?

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  • Continuing to soft-peddle on the not so comfortable issues for China conveys our reluctance to touch the raw nerve. Looking another way when intrusions were a regular affair has emboldened Beijing to issue arrogance laced statements intermittently knowing fully well our tepid responses.  Time to change tack by adopting an aggressive approach and start countering irritants by equal retorts should be the way forward.  Still relying on restraints and balanced positioning vis-à-vis China will not serve our purpose any longer.  Aggressive and bold posturing should be the way forward.

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