If You Cannot Convince Them, Confuse Them!

  • Well known historical personalities, teachers, philosophers, economists, jurists, and the most revered royal advisor of yore Chanakya too would have nodded his head in approval while fathoming the inherent meaning found in the statement if you cannot convince them, confuse them! Extremely shrewd and calculative strategist he was, Chanakya not only would have wholeheartedly endorsed such a move but also would have applauded whomsoever thought about the applicability of the measure in its entirety whilst dealing with tricky issues.

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  • Why only Chanakya, every other strategist of various hues including but not restricted to politicians, management, managers, policymakers, etc. would have dearly embraced the tactic to not only wriggle out of any uncomfortable situations but also strived hard to glorify the same forcefully, if not tactfully. What started millenniums ago with an ulterior motive of keeping the people in an uncertain terrain continues to flourish to this day gaining wider acceptance against the practitioners having no alternatives to question it.
  • Keeping in line with the changing times, methodologies adopted by those consummate practitioners too has evolved dramatically by minutely looking around us. One of the most prominent upholders of the time-tested procedures is none other than the by now familiar tribe identifiable across the country for their plain doublespeak and dubiously contrasting viewpoints. Yes, I am referring to the men in whites, not the familiar and popular cricketers, but the political fraternity who mostly remain unpopular, save for very few exceptions.
  • It is established for long how seamlessly and convincingly this class of people goes about confusing the people resorting to promises and breaking with panache. Right from the time the country gained independence, the countrymen are witness to unfulfilled promises articulated so convincingly during the lead-up to elections that invariably, these promises remain just that which is universally acknowledged as the bane afflicting this glorious country.

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  • Citizens are used to absorbing rhetorically gratifying assurances with a pinch of salt is stating the obvious. The real juicy part of the narrative emerges when the aggrieved lot demands more clearer elucidation. This is where the chameleonic character of our vaunted leaders come to the fore. Upon insisting to elaborate on the most populist sops/measures/policies carrying wide-ranging implications on our day-to-day living standards, rest assured, you are bound to be bombarded with extremely complicated skullduggery hard to fathom as well as comprehend.
  • Poor citizens would be left wondering reading between the lines facetiously trying to decipher largely incomprehensible description. Assurances, reassurances, and some more reiteration of assurances follow but nothing that would come to our aid in mitigating concerns. Much of the political class unflinchingly believe that leaving people in doubt is much preferable by adopting patronizing methodology yielding nothing in the bargain. No wonder, confusion reigning supreme will be desirable for the leaders and the tale continues unabated to this day reaffirming the belief that clarity remains elusive. Go search for it! Till then, follow the subject dictum to the last word!

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Krishna MV
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