Demands For Government Jobs For Extended Family Members Of Martyrs Are Untenable!

  • At the outset, it can be mentioned with absolute certainty that Indian citizens are not only fond of the military personnel guarding the nation facing grave adversities but also would not let go of any opportunity to express gratitude and indebtedness for their immense sacrifices as well as valour. We know how the Indian soldiers sustain themselves in ensuring the borders are guarded diligently in the face of tremendous challenges from the enemy and extreme weather conditions. Of course, the armed forces personnel make innumerable sacrifices facing known and unknown enemies as a matter of routine. Apart from ensuring the nation’s sovereignty is not breached, the soldiers are also expected to deal with cross-border terrorism and infiltrating terrorists as well.

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  • In doing so, scores of soldiers lay their lives while guarding the motherland showcasing supreme sacrifices in the line of duty. Many soldiers are martyred at a relatively young age leaving behind very young families too. Undoubtedly, the indebted nation must take care of the martyr’s families through thick and thin. None will question either. However, what’s happening in Rajasthan is quite unfortunate. The protest by widows of Pulwama martyrs in Rajasthan demanding jobs not just for their children but also relatives is turning into a serious political issue in an election year. Three of the widows from the state have been protesting since February 28 with two of them demanding jobs for their brothers-in-law as their children are minors. This is simply unacceptable.
  • As is its wont, the local unit of BJP has taken up the widows’ cause and accused the state government of failing to fulfill its promises. True, martyrs’ widows deserve the utmost compassion. However, there are rules for allotting government jobs on compassionate grounds. In most cases, a government job is offered to a dependant family member. And according to the scheme for compassionate appointment under the central government updated last year, the rules clearly define a dependant family member as a spouse or son or daughter – including adopted son or daughter – or the dependant sibling in case the martyr was unmarried. The Rajasthan government contends that it has already provided benefits to the martyrs’ families.

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  • Further, the state’s own scheme that also has a provision for ensuring a government job for martyrs’ minor children once they reach adulthood is extended here too. This is a sensible approach. Expanding the definition of dependants would surely open Pandora’s box of demands setting a wrong precedent and state governments could be flooded with job demands from many families. Mind you, this is symptomatic of the unemployment situation in the country where securing a government job is often seen as the only path to employment and financial security. Indeed, governments and political parties ought to be wary of going down this slippery slope. Government jobs cannot be a panacea for the unemployment problem, you see

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