Complacency Should be Avoided Whilst COVID Stays Amongst Us!

  • The raging second Covid wave across the country is showing definite signs of slowing down after almost a two-and-a-half-months of trailblazing ruins. The second wave of the pandemic has been extremely destructive on the physical as well as mental aspects of the people across the globe is stating the obvious. This time around the loss of lives has seen an increase as compared to the first wave and thus, many families have lost their near and dear ones as also sole breadwinners rendering them helpless and distraught. Regrouping from the extremely challenging situations would take a huge amount of forbearance and resilience as picking up shattered threads of life will extract tremendous efforts.


  • As they say, life has to move on and each one of us would be precisely undertaking the exertions to stay on course. However, the mistake the country did right after the first Covid wave was brought under control after imposing economically debilitating national lockdowns last year should not be forgotten easily. Remember, right after the confirmed infection cases started receding, we went about our routines as if nothing happened claiming victory over the dreaded virus which proved to be premature in the end analysis. Even the Union and State Governments took their foot off the pedal in diligently ensuring exercising caution, precaution, and following time-tested safety and health protocols by setting an example to the citizenry. Such callous display of negligence was laid bare open in no time.
  • Large social gatherings without observance of distancing norms including election rallies in a few of the states that went to the polls proved to be a decisive factor for the virus menace to unleash its virulence with catastrophic consequences. That the healthcare infrastructure spectacularly failed to counter the surging infection cases proved to be a disastrous outcome leading to thousands of individuals losing their lives for want of proper hospital beds, timely supply of oxygen, non-availability of ventilators, and life-saving medicines. Disturbing visuals of patients and their families desperately crying for help are permanently etched in our collective memories. In hindsight, this could have been avoided if only we all were responsible enough.

PC: Dr. G S K Velu

  • The same mistake appears to be repeating again even as the country reported less than one lakh cases for the first time after months. Note that the testing on a Sunday always is lesser as compared to weekdays, and hence, the confirmed infection cases could be misleading. Moreover, last year’s peak reported around 97,000 cases per day and we are here celebrating as if we have already conquered the virus even as 91,000 cases per day are still getting reported. Complacency at this point of time should not be allowed to seep in so soon. It is in the best interest of the nation to exercise utmost caution for some more weeks to further subdue the virus. Otherwise, the complacency might unwittingly extend an invitation to the virus to unleash the third wave which we do not even wish to think about.

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Krishna MV
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