Civil Wars, Insurgency, Jihadists, and Fundamentalists are Ruining Several Nations!

  • Ideally speaking, the global community would leave no stone unturned in ensuring their living standards are bereft of upheavals, uncertainty, and extreme distress owing to reasons beyond their control. Unfortunately, humanity is not known for its harmonious existence, and there is simply nothing called an ideal world. Human nature has always been driven by urges to dominate, overtake, and overturn authority to outdo one another. In doing so, humankind doesn’t care about being labeled as vice, cavalier, cunning, scheming, or having no consideration for a healthy coexistence. Since time immemorial, humanity has witnessed innumerable instances of skewed ambitions driving mortal humans to seek glory.

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  • History is replete with mighty emperors and conquistadors traveling continents in quest of power, but none of them could sustain the campaign as the natural laws of the universe kicked in. Remember, what goes up must come down. Unfortunately, humankind refuses to accept this reality and indulges in such excesses that the inhuman acts perpetrated will make for horrendous reading. The moot point to ponder over here is whether we have learned any lessons from such occurrences that deliver nothing but a disaster of monumental proportions. The answer is no. Humanity still perseveres in upending everything and anything with nary a thought about consequences. Look around at what’s happening to understand how humankind exists right now.
  • The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a case in point. Knowing fully well about the futility of waging a war hasn’t stopped Moscow from launching ill-timed and illogical warfare. Thousands of innocent people have lost their lives and property as an unwanted outcome. Pakistan is teetering on the brink of economic collapse courtesy of ill-advised and unyielding policies followed over the years. The world knows that supporting terrorist organizations aimed at hurting India has been the single most important task of the Pakistani establishment since gaining independence. Unsustainable policies are bound to be counterproductive, and as such, Pakistan is struggling to stay afloat on the back of an economic downturn due to its inexplicable acts.

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  • Near home, Afghanistan continues to suffer under the influence of a jihadist and fundamentalist Talibani regime hell-bent on subjugating the unfortunate citizens with even more misery. On the other hand, Myanmar is suffocating under the Junta’s rule, with no signs of democracy returning in the foreseeable future. Further, several Arab countries are under autocratic rule, stifling their citizens with inhuman restrictions. Less is said, the better, about the African nations, where the majority are poor and underdeveloped, and the plights of the citizens are pathetic. The case in point is Sudan, where the two opposing forces are fighting to gain control of the nation. We all have to fervently hope that better sense prevails and humanity is allowed to live in peace.

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Krishna MV
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