Banning women’s entry into temples


Even though humanity has evolved continuously for better over the millennium leading onto the present day modern environment riding on superlative technological inventions, different yardsticks adopted whilst handling men and womenfolk hasn’t altered visibly even now. Advancement or no advancement, women are subjected to differential treatments amidst pretentious and hollow calls for meting out equality. Right from professional careers to businesses to sports field and other areas of importance, demarcation based on gender is quite obvious. Of course, balance is always heavily tilted against the feminine gender.

Unfortunately, such despicable standards still rules the roost and has not spared places of worship as well where menstruating women – from age 10 to 50 – are barred from entering and offering solemn prayers. Reason being cited often is absolutely misplaced and irrational i.e. impure / untouchable and hence unable to observe required penance to appease the reigning deity(s). Even today the vestiges of such outlandish customs prevail in certain segment of the society. Possibly because of the overarching upbringing, women too tend to avoid visiting places of worship and other sacred areas voluntarily during periods.

The Almighty definitely might not be pleased one bit with such inapt behavior from human race that tends to divide the sexes on gender. Hearteningly though there are concerted efforts underway to set right anachronistic practices and beliefs in line with the changing times. What essentially used to be male bastions even in the corridors of powerful sanctified worship places have eventually made way to accommodate the other gender as well – albeit forcefully sometimes and through taking recourse to law of the land otherwise.

However, our country is still a very long way away from according equal platform to both genders without exercising the dissimilar benchmarks. It’s not too late for the society to look things that are germane and which begs definite change of perceptions, relook at eradicating well embedded customary practices, according equal footing and reinventing joy of harmonious living in bargain. Please no more ostentatious usurping of authority leading to one-upmanship where parity ought to assume precedence in the larger interest of the society.

Of course, winds of change in the perceptions are blowing across the country but not on the expected lines. Hitherto fortified male bastions based on customs and false faiths are indeed witnessing breach but at a leisurely pace. Fortunately, well-intended organizations fighting discrimination have taken up the matter to the Apex Court on one famous temple – I desist from naming – which is expected to apply the principles of unaltered human rights and pronounce its verdict in due course of time.

If the ruling is in favor of extending equality notwithstanding age-old convention and faith, such a step would invite much longed-for movement leading to revolutionary changes. In the meanwhile, the society at large should make serious but resolute efforts to alter archaic opinions by replacing it with present day thought processes befitting the progressive nation that we claim to be.

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Krishna MV
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