Attacks on Health Warriors: Despicable Act Deserves No Condoning

  • The entire country is agog with increased incidents of attacks on health warriors entrusted with an unenviable task of collecting critical data helping in containing the pandemic from spreading further. Some of the attacks carried out in sensitive pockets are so brutal and chilling that it raises serious concerns about the safety of health warriors. Attacks appear either orchestrated by someone inimical to the society’s well-being or a perverted individual(s) / group’s hell-bent on creating widespread disturbances in the country.


  • Looked from any angle, lives of health warriors are at grave risk not only combating the virulent pandemic but also from few misguided people utterly lacking better understanding/judgment of the situation. A question arises about the efficacy of the Law enforcement agencies too failing to extend desired protection to scores of warriors on the ground viz. Doctors, Nurses, ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activists) workers, Police personnel, Media representatives carrying out their jobs.

PC: India Today

  • Role of community leaders & heads, political leaders, Government aficionados, NGOs, Police brass, religious leaders assumes greater importance in disseminating correct information about the needs and necessities of finding, isolating and treating the virus effectively. The significance of quarantining requires no further emphasis either. However, propagating ill-advised belief systems and distrustful countenance towards efforts of the Government appears to be the order of the day. It’s not only dampening the spirits of officials but also endangering the lives of fellow citizens too.

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  • Most notably, few of the State Governments were quickly off the block and acted promptly when impediments were first reported from their respective jurisdictions. Stringent actions did ensue under various Laws of the Land for disrupting health warriors from carrying out their efforts. Conversely, a couple of State Governments chose to dilly-dally on such attacks leading to widespread criticism in handling the Law & Order issue with iron-hand. Inaction spreads distrust among citizens which does not augur better tidings for anyone.
  • The most appalling tendency in our country is to quickly paint communal color or perceive conspiracy theories where none exists to such incidents. Petty and opportunistic politicking, communal disharmony, distrustful outlook, ill-timed one-upmanship amongst leaders, indecisive Government actions are proving to be real dampeners in combating the dreaded virus more effectively.

PC: the Hitavada

  • Needless to mention, all Governments’ should leave no stone unturned in ensuring people engaged on the ground are provisioned with full protection vis-à-vis equipment & Police, all-round support and basic comforts. The general public on their part should wholeheartedly support and acknowledge the selfless sacrifices of health warriors and treat them with the utmost respect that they rightfully deserve.

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Krishna MV
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