April Fool’s Day, What If There is No COVID at All!

  • While we were all growing up decades back or years back, it was quite common to eagerly look forward to the first of April – a fool’s day, no less – in the anticipation of attempting to pull a fast one with our family, peers, friends, acquaintances, and of course, elders too who was always game to play along with the youngsters for a change. Making inane sounding banters, illogical reasons, irrelevant excuses, and enacting mostly give away acts to attract attention and on receiving one, crying hoarse in delight by proclaiming April fool, much to the amusement of people in the front. This used to be the order of the day on the first day of April.

PC: Leandra Beabout

  • Yes, there were many elders within as well as out of the family who were encouraging and indulgent enough to allow the children in us to carry on with the harmless mockery all through the day. No wonder, reminiscing those days would bring a smile on everyone’s faces as wannabe jokesters residing deep within us reveled in absolute pleasure at the cost of the recipients as endless pranks, jokes, and hoaxes were bandied about with gay abandon. Yes, those memories were replete with none of the stress, pressures, uncertainty, false pretensions, and running behind goals/targets/achievements in the guise of staying in the race.
  • Quite contrary to what most of us lived back then largely fashioned by the devil-may-care attitude enabling us to remain contended in whatever was made available. Not for nothing each one of us would fondly recollect those childhood days which are some of the most treasurable memories that will remain permanently etched deep down in our psyche. Hardly anybody would disagree that we have had our share of unadulterated childhood enjoyment. Given a choice, many of us would certainly not mind trading those fun-filled days for the present-day misnomer of a decent living on the shadow of unforeseen challenges consuming our carefully built little world with ominous occurrences.

PC: Lisa Milbrand

  • As the revolutionary modern technology-driven developments swamps across the current-day humankind in an unbelievable fashion, those little joys of life like cracking jokes, pulling a fast one, crying hoax, and innocuous pranks are gradually forgotten in the melee of the mad rat race that defines our existence now. Nonetheless, we the supposedly the old-timers – as the millennial generation would like to address us – are left with little else but to ponder over by-gone days and exchange views with like-minded few. This is facilitated largely owing to the miracles of the knowledge-induced digital world helping us stay connected.
  • The first of April is upon us today, and how badly we all miss those gentle humor, joy-de-Vivre, happy-go-lucky disposition, and revelry reminding us that life warrants to be handled with no unnecessary burden. Of course, quirks of life will have to be suitably encountered but not at the cost of losing our sense of equilibrium and by letting go of a humorous streak. Light-hearted temperament soothes our frayed nerves. Hold on to the same. As a parting shot, if only the surging second covid wave is an April’s Fool joke!

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Krishna MV
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