5 Best Small Towns to Visit in Texas

This thatched hut, and many like it, stand along the golden sand at Rockport Beach along the Texas Coast and offer a respite from the summer heat. But this photograph was taken in October so the evening was pretty close to perfect.

Texas is the second largest state in the U.S. and it takes this ranking seriously. You’ll find big cities, big portions, big hats, big houses, big everything when you visit. But just like in smaller states, the real heart of Texas can be found in the small towns and natural landscapes scattered throughout.

1. Granbury

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If you’re looking for the American old west and outlaw history, Granbury is a great place to start. Most believe that Jesse James, a famous outlaw of the late 19th century is buried in Missouri, but locals in Granbury are adamant that he’s actually buried there.

2. Round Top

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Between Houston and Austin is the well-loved town of Round Top. Texans know it for the antique show, incredible art scene, and mouth-watering pies that you can only get at Royers Café.

3. Jefferson

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B&B-ers will love a visit to the Bed and Breakfast Capital of East Texas. Jefferson is located close to the Louisiana border and has a population of just over 2,000 people.

4. Nacogdoches

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Originally a Spanish settlement, Nacogdoches is the oldest city in Texas. Missionaries who hoped to convert American Indians settled in the area and the blending of cultures grew naturally into the town it is today.

5. Rockport

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Founded as little more than a slaughterhouse in the late 19th century, Rockport has grown into a popular tourist attraction, thanks to the fantastic beach there.


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