What is Ailing Indian Cricket? It Appears Clueless!

  • Indian cricket fans would be wondering what really is happening to their beloved game over the last few years. With such humongous popularity, resources, talent, and heft available at the disposal of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), die-hard fans would have assumed that Team India would be a world-beater in whatever format it represents by now. Sadly, the returns have been anything but spectacular especially in the International Cricket Council events involving multi-country participation.  Remember, since the 50-over World Cup triumph in 2011, Team India has failed to cross the finishing line disappointing millions of fans.  Meager returns are not what Indian cricket fans expect from their team, you see.


  • We know how the BCCI is endowed with riches courtesy of the hugely popular Indian Premier League T20 tournament which not only attracts mindboggling moolah but also talents from across the cricket-playing countries. IPL is a platform that provides ample opportunities for local talent to not only share dressing rooms with world-class international cricketers but also showcase their talent on the biggest platform as well. Despite boasting some of the biggest names in contemporary world cricket, Team India consistently failing to deliver the goods defies logic.  Take for instance the team’s dismal performances in the shortest format of the game.  By the logic of hosting the IPL, Team India should be posing tremendous challenges to other countries for the amount of game time and talent it possesses.
  • Unfortunately, come the T20 World Cup, Team India’s campaign stutters failing to make an impact when it matters most. We know how the 50-over World Cup has panned out for Team India too.  Unable to cross the knockout stages has become the norm rather than an exception leaving fans utterly devastated.  The less said the better about the longest format of the game, the Test Cricket.  Tamely surrendering to New Zealand in the last ICC Test Championship left bitter tastes in the mouth of fans wondering what was happening.  As mentioned above, the talent pool available in the country is phenomenal as also the superstars who make up one of the most brilliant lineups in recent times.  But why do we fail to be the world beaters?

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  • Of course, the selection for some of the marquee events has been questionable. Rigidly sticking to certain strategies is telling on the result. Just look at how England has altered their game plan over the last few years.  Embracing an aggressive outlook right from the start has yielded Team England handsome returns in both 50-over and 20-over World Cups.  They are the reigning champions in both formats now.  One should not be surprised if they occupy the pinnacle in the longest format of the game too by the way the present team is knocking off opponents through an aggressive approach.  As such, it’s advisable for Team India too to adopt an aggressive approach and stick with it for some time.  Expected results will follow.

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