Trade Cautiously on the Joint Ceasefire Announcement Along Loc!

  • It is known universally that India and Pakistan are at loggerheads for a long time. Any number of previous attempts at forging peaceful association has invariably resulted in terrorist activities killing innocent lives here. History is replete with instances when successive governments headed by towering leaders earnestly attempting to strike peaceful accord but has been thwarted by those inimical elements loath to allow thaw in the relationships between the two countries. It is so common to witness peace overtures are met with gruesome terrorist attacks thereby foiling whatever headway achieved in returning to normalcy.

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  • How can the people of this country forget the dastardly terrorist attacks in Uri and Pulwama where our brave soldiers were martyred owing to evil designs of the enemy hell-bent on inflicting injuries to the country’s peaceful extension of hands? Against this backdrop, the latest ceasefire agreement announced jointly by India and Pakistan at the Line of Control (LOC) and other sectors calls for a cautious approach while not letting down our vigilance to foil any attempts at disturbing the peace. No sooner than the announcement was made, an offshoot of a terrorist outfit in the Kashmir Valley has expressed its displeasure at the ceasefire terming it as an act of betrayal.
  • This mirrors how the resilience of the ceasefire agreement between the two countries will be tested by largely uncontrollable non-state actors unhappy with the latest attempt at peaceful reconciliation. Extremely disturbing to note that these violations have resulted in regular fatalities with government data indicating that no less than 70 civilians have died in India in the last three years alone. On the positive front, the ceasefire is indeed a significant development after three consecutive years of increase in violations. Moreover, the respite on the western border is palpable when the disengagement negotiations on the LAC with China are underway.

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  • As is widely known, nothing moves beyond the realm of the Pakistani Army when it comes to matters related to India and the joint statement appears to have the blessings of the military establishment to resolve any unforeseen situation or misunderstanding. The Indian thinktank is too aware of the internal machinations and undercurrents churning within the Pakistani Army whose implicit and explicit backing of terror groups to further its diabolical aims at destabilizing the country. Bitter experiences of the past suggest how promising bilateral relationships are characterized by sharp swings from euphoria to utter betrayal in no time.
  • Inconsistency in approach was proved yet again when the Pakistan Prime Minister mentioning that the onus is on India to create an enabling environment for further progress. Indian stand has been made amply clear time and again that no meaningful peace process would make headway unless non-state actors are reigned in from perpetrating acts of terror from Pakistani territories. Therefore, the ceasefire agreement is welcome leading to cautious optimism amongst the policymakers, though the Indian authorities will exercise extreme vigilance to keep things safe.

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