Tractor Parade Turning Violent on Republic Day is Condemnable!

  • It is a proud and patriotic occasion to celebrate Republic Day on 26th January remembering the supreme sacrifices, unquantifiable bravery, spine chilling martyrdom, and of course, displaying the military might of the country to not only inspire the confidence of the citizens but also showcasing our preparedness in encountering any eventualities arising out of enemy misadventures. Notably, this year’s celebrations were pared down keeping the pandemic situation in mind to adhere to the safety and health guidelines restricting gatherings.

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  • Concurrently, the ongoing agitations by the farmers union too sought permission to carry out Tractor rally on the Republic Day which was duly granted by the Delhi Police after obtaining written commitment to adhere to 37 guidelines promising peaceful conduct of the same soon after the conclusion of the marquee parade on the Rajpath. However, what unfolded on an extremely momentous day for the nation is not only shameful in the way the farmers union members turned rioters but also for showing scant respect to the reverential Indian National Flag whilst indulging in hooliganism as they allowed the violators to break pre-agreed rules.
  • The Red Fort is a symbol of historical significance and holds a very special place for the republic of India from where the Prime Minister hoists the National Flag on 15th August to mark the Independence Day delivering a speech carrying future roadmap as well as envisaged progression. Rampaging rioters ransacking the fort, climb atop the flag post, sacrilegiously replacing the National Flag with a religious flag is not only unprecedented in its audacity but also mirrors the separatist intentions seeping into the farmers’ agitation seeking repeal of the Farm Laws. Hallowed precincts of the Red Fort have been besmirched brazenly.

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  • The nation has been held hostage by the agitating farm unions for more than two months now braving harsh North Indian winter prevailing their garnering sympathies from cross-sections of the country. However, the turn of events yesterday would dissipate whatever compassionate viewpoints nurtured for the way the violently berserk rioters went about brandishing swords, riding on horses menacingly, destroying public properties, and cornering the police personnel deployed to ensure law and order situation does not breach control.
  • Newspaper and media reports suggest more than 120 police personnel are injured, some seriously and in ICU while attempting to stall the surging protesters from moving ahead. A word of appreciation is due to the way the Delhi Police conducted while showing extraordinary restraint even in the face of sheer provocations from many fronts. Unfortunately, the farmer leaders are distancing from the perpetrators of violence which cannot be accepted and fail to cut ice with the comprehending lot.

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  • Last heard, FIRs are being filed against many for breaching the agreement. Advice is not out of place for the farmer leaders and some political parties gleefully attempting to fish in the troubled waters to essay constructive role to address the issue at hand rather than striking at the core of the democratic institutions by blatantly indulging in subterfuge. It is evident the agitation has run its course and it’s time for the villagers to head back to their villages to attend to farming requirements. One can expect the Union Government to harden its stand from now on towards farmer unions.

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