The Power of Friendship and the Relationship It Fosters is Unique!

  • There are certain relationships in our day-to-day lives that simply go beyond explanations, comprehensions, and categorizations which is usually the case with many other routine happenings around us. It needs no further emphasis that human emotions essay a definite role in forging any relationships, blood relations, or otherwise. It could be good, bad, neutral, or ephemeral, human relationships per se cannot be fitted into a static narrative since the very dynamics layered on infinitesimal nuances makes it that much more challenging to comprehend. Deciphering oceanic human emotions has eluded mere mortals since times immemorial, but the quest to bracket the same continues unrelentingly despite returning unfavorable results.


  • Innumerable thinkers, philosophers, profound exponents, spiritualists, psychologists, and insightful personalities have undertaken extensive indulgences on the matter, but the fascinatingly diverse traits existing in us make it well-nigh impossible to proclaim with a conviction of having conquered the subject. However, there is one aspect of human existence that can come closest to unquestionable findings. What is it, any guesses? It is none other than the friendship whose relationship trajectory is not just unique in its evolution and forging but also assumes the nearest role to being classified as unique. Yes, the mother-child relationship is eternal which cannot be expressed in mere words. This particular relationship is pure bliss bereft of even a semblance of adulteration seeping into it. We all know that.
  • Similarly, any close friendships forged over years of togetherness, mutual interests, like-mindedness, being available when needed, during good and bad times, and standing shoulder-to-shoulder through times of diverse challenges thrown by the vagaries of life molds the relationship into something extraordinarily inimitable. Most of us would have experienced how even our kith and kin would have turned their backs on matters of relevance/importance to us, but true friends are always willing to extend whatever help, support, resources, and the precious time that comes as a fresh air of hope reigniting the very purpose of staying afloat to fight it out. Not for nothing it is so reverentially mentioned that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Three cheers to that! Have you ever wondered who has the wherewithal, means, and most importantly, leeway to go back in time to reminisce the golden days of yore?


  • Ideally speaking, the answer should be none as it simply cannot be even conceived as the laws of the universe do not allow reversal of time. In imagination, yes. However, true friends are blessed with powers to not only take us back in time to soak in those golden moments of childhood memories but also help in emerging reinvigorated with a feeling of ethereal ecstasy. None of the acquired riches would be able to replicate what friends can accomplish through a mere exchange of heart-to-heart conversations. Blessed are those who possess such friends. Mark my words, the real treasure, and accomplishments anyone can achieve are to count impregnable friendship that seamlessly crosses man-made superficial barriers. I proudly claim to be blessed with all-weather friends. Am sure all of you too. Long live friendship!