The Grand Old Party is Going Nowhere with Rudderless Leadership Quagmire!

  • People keenly following political developments in the country would be left befuddling and bemoaning as to what is happening with the Grand Old Party of India which keeps teetering on the brink rather than showcase much-needed wherewithal to take on the might of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The no-holds-barred drama unfolding in the border state of Punjab over the last few months seems to be having no end in its twists and twirls as something new keeps occurring with alarming regularity. As you recollect, the appointment of a maverick and impetuous cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu as the Pradesh Congress Chief, much against the wishes of the then incumbent CM Captain Amarinder Singh, was played out in an acrimonious manner.


  • Soon after, Captain had to exit ignominiously owing to the pressure exerted by the PCC Chief and the number of legislatures ostensibly due to the non-performance of the erstwhile CM. No sooner a Dalit CM was appointed, a first in the history of Punjab, Sidhu has tendered resignation now to the party leadership by stating tainted leaders are appointed in the government. Make no mistake, these happenings are no less than embarrassing to the leadership credentials of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra who seem to be taking weighty decisions without having to own responsibility for outcomes like the current Punjab fiasco.
  • It is also apparent that the interim president Sonia Gandhi is allowing shots to be called by her progenies on matters of importance. Against this backdrop, Congress leader Kapil Sibal’s press conference recently is an eye-opener bringing out of the closet to public cynosure the year-long jostling within the party over its state of headlessness. Sibal appeared combative while addressing the presser by signaling that the G-23 grouping would stay within the party and fight BJP while demanding organizational reform, unlike many family loyalists who deserted in recent times. It is expected that even more voices criticizing the moves of the high command would come out which cannot be ignored anymore forcing the leadership to end the current statis sooner than later.

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  • It is extremely annoying to see the party interminably waiting for Rahul to make up his mind on reassuming the presidency. Thus, concrete action on the matter is overdue. Alluding to the Ji Huzoor culture prevalent in the party functioning, Sibal has opened up the well-known but despicable practice hitherto not spoken to so candidly. Unfortunately, and much to the detriment of the party, any envisaged process to kickstart rebooting effort could start only after six crucial state election results are announced in 2022, thanks to the party’s grim prospects and most importantly, to insulate the new president from failure. It defies logic how unprofessional and a feudal hangover in an extremely competitive political marketplace with complex voter preferences are allowed to play out leaving Congress rudderless.
  • Congress’s internal troubles have severely denied India the benefit of a national party that can perform the job of a constructive opposition without succumbing to regionalism. Undoubtedly, the party has missed leadership and a national narrative leading to directionless drift since the 2019 general election defeat. In failing to arrest this drift would only lead to existential crises for GOP. Act it must, and now!

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