The BJP’s Top Leadership Ensures State CM’s are Kept on a Tight Leash!

  • There is one definite difference in the way the Bharatiya Janata Party functions when it comes to handling the state chief ministers wherever the saffron party is in governance. One of the most significant reasons for the spectacular rise of the party is the manner with which the organizational structure is strongly built right up to the booth levels. It is understood that the top leadership of the party has its ears firmly on the ground and every undercurrent that might be at play against the ruling dispensation gets reported to the last word. Such a meticulously drawn control structure ensures the matters of governance are not neglected or compromised even minutely. And the approach the BJP’s election machinery adopts to chugging along is universally acknowledged.


  • No wonder, the BJP is never found wanting in fighting an election of whatever hues where the party presses ahead with its entire might to take on the opposition. The election churning is perpetual. The Central Parliamentary Board, a powerful decision-making body of the BJP, wields enormous clout while deciding on matters of importance. Of course, the topmost leadership largely constitutes Gujarat-based leaders headed by the renowned winning combination of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. As the communication channel is seamless between the top leadership to state-level leaders to the ordinary worker on the ground, any rumblings or potentially damaging prospects for the party are promptly conveyed in real-time allowing for quick decisive action, wherever required.
  • Unlike other parties, an efficient and well-rounded cadre-based party mechanism has allowed the BJP to counter challenges of diverse nature by acting preemptively based on irrefutable information emanating from the right sources. Thus, the BJP does not waste much time in replacing the CM’s when noises of dissent, rumbles, incompetence, high-handedness, and/or hurting the larger interests of the party whilst discharging the administration reaches the top leadership. Ever since the incumbent Prime Minister successfully brought the BJP to power at the Centre, the party has not only grown in strength enormously but also has molded the cult duo of Modi-Shah in an entirely impregnable manner whose decisions are never questioned, at least openly.

PC:  Zia Haq

  • The slew of changes made in some of the states by replacing the serving chief ministers mirrors the thought processes of the BJP in no uncertain terms. Right from Assam to Uttarakhand to Karnataka to the latest development in Gujarat demonstrates precisely what has been deliberated above. The corrective action taken without wasting precious time can be expected from a decisive leadership looking forward to reaping benefits by taking risks rather than expect irritants to settle down or die on their own. Thus, the BJP stands way above the rest of the political parties. At least, the BJP which prides itself calling as a party with a difference should be acknowledged as one for deciding on prickly issues like replacing a CM. Where it leaves the Grand Old Party in comparison? That’s for another day.

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