Strong Opposition is a Must to Ensure Democracy Thrives!

  • The democratic form of government has inherited inherently incohesive elements is a fact well-established over the centuries. Democracy offers freedom and rights for human beings within the boundaries of the Constitution mandated strictures is also indisputable. Most fascinatingly, each democratic country has framed the Constitution keeping in mind the geography, demography, and developmental considerations solely aimed at improving a lot of the populace is also never in doubt. The two main protagonists in the democratic form of government are the treasury and the opposition benches who must be strong in their respective dispositions that go a long way in ensuring the vibrancy and charm associated with the medium sustains unhindered.

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  • The Indian democracy has had a remarkable progression right from the time independence was gained. The diversity of the country from region to region spread across the vast swathe of the land is extremely complex which cannot be easily fitted into any particular category. The nascent stage of independent India saw the Grand Old Party coming to power with a brute majority and ruling the country for a long time. Back then, the opposition was reduced to essaying a limited role but setting the tone for the democratic credentials to take root gradually. As the country progressed incommensurate with the fast-evolving changes riding on the back of modernity-driven developmental agenda, the democracy too started absorbing desired nuances which only helped in ensuring the overall growth of the nation.
  • The Congress, which was by far the most popular political party, started witnessing many ambitious stalwart leaders quitting to give wings to their aspirations each wishing/itching to establish a recognizable alternative group. Consequently, the caste-driven politics took deep roots enabling several regional outfits to take birth at the cost of the Congress which found itself mired in dynasty/family affiliations which continues to bog it down. The situation has come to such a pause now as the once-ubiquitous party has lost such a huge amount of ground, traction, heft, and acceptance amongst the mass that it no longer can lay claim to influencing voters or regional parties as it used to enjoy not so long ago. The once-formidable citadel is visibly crumbling much to the chagrin of loyal partymen who still constitute a large number.


  • Of course, as one of the very few truly pan-Indian political parties, the Congress could still use its vast organizational infrastructure and reach to earnestly make efforts to resurrect. Unfortunately, the fixation with the Gandhi-Nehru family and the inability of the anointed scion to evoke confidence amongst the partymen to inspirational leadership is hurting Congress very badly. No wonder, the Congress leadership at some of the crucial states are at loggerheads owing to infighting and one-upmanship reflecting the gradual slipping away of the control of the central leadership. Mere acts of Parliamentary disruptions, vituperative attacks on Twitter, and mundane press conferences will not help the party to be counted as a force to still reckon with. The country needs Congress to stay alive to ensure the democracy remains vibrant and throbbing.

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