Response from the USA Unexpectedly has Been a Tad Delayed!

  • The global community is desperately battling it out in its fight against the virulent virus needs no further elaboration. As covid wave after wave ravage humanity, countries irrespective of their might and wherewithal are crumbling under the relentless onslaught. Many of the advanced countries were at the receiving end where thousands of precious lives were lost owing to the best of the healthcare infrastructure unable to cope with the surging demands. No sooner the country breathes a sigh of relief as having finally overcome the debilitating challenges, the unbending virus never fails to make its destructive presence felt again. This continues to be the story for most of the countries even as we attempt to reign in the menace.


  • One of the most welcome outcomes from the debilitating aftereffects of the pandemic has been the camaraderie exhibited by the countries in extending helping hand vis-à-vis aids, supply of critical personal protective equipment, oxygen concentrators, medicines, food, ventilators, and anything that allows humanity to sustain life in a dignified manner. Since the beginning, most of the developed countries were at the forefront extending all possible assistance to the poor countries as well as developing countries in the gravest of situation staring at humankind. Even developing countries like India were applauded for not hesitating while ensuring the supply of medicines and other useful equipment to combat the virus surge.
  • If you recollect, the United States of America too was benefitted from the largesse of India when tonnes of medical supplies along with vaccines were flown when the necessity arose. In this backdrop, it is bewildering to note how the USA initially responded when India is badly infested with the unheard-of surge in the confirmed infection rates crossing above 3 lakh plus cases consistently. Thousands of people are losing the battle as the inadequate healthcare infrastructure struggles to attend to the teeming humanity. During the interim, the Indo-USA alliance on the geopolitical strategic front has forged a steady and progressive relationship by identifying that expansionist and ambitious China has a common enemy.


  • The Quad alliance involving the USA, India, Japan, and Australia is a case in point promising coordinated efforts at erecting a balancing power center to ensure established world order does not go askew. Thus, a lot was expected from the Biden-Harris administration when India started witnessing overwhelming challenges as the second covid wave spread like a wildfire. After drawing flak and rebuttal from all quarters, within the country’s diverse political leadership as well as the powerful Indian-American business community, the US administration has responded finally.
  • Following on the assurance to the Indian leadership and people of its full commitment to tackling the extraordinary situation, the US administration has initiated measures to supply critical life-saving equipment, the raw material to produce vaccines, as well as firmly asserting that the country stands with India. Last heard, the US is also mulling shipment of AstraZeneca vaccines to supplement the efforts at inoculating millions of eligible beneficiaries. Friends are expected to stand steadily when needed, and the US has tardily shown such inclination. Better late than never, though.

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Krishna MV
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