People Should Exhibit Covid Appropriate Behaviour!

  • The entire country was dreading the prospects of encountering a possible second wave of SARS-COV-2 virus as anticipated following the phenomenon witnessed in large parts of the European and Western countries. Looked at any angle, the country has managed to keep the damage from the virus vis-à-vis case fatality rate (CFR) and confirmed infection rates to reasonable levels so far. Needless to mention, damages caused by the lockdowns imposed to curtail the spread of the virus have been extensive and the nation is yet to recover from the aftereffects. The stuttering economy and slow pace of recovery all around aptly reflect the challenges staring ahead in the aftermath of stringent measures imposed previously.

PC: Saikiran Kannan

  • Citizens need not be reminded about the harrowing experiences met right through the last year. However, the medical fraternity and experts from the field were unanimous in voicing concerns about not letting our guard down prematurely believing that the bane of the virus is not behind us. Recurring waves witnessed in many of the advanced countries were testimony to the fact that the menace of the virus is far from over as confirmed infection rates kept soaring newer heights alongside the loss of lives. As the entire country relaxed over the last few months, the virus appears to be striking with a renewed vengeance going by the rise in the infection rates for the last few weeks.
  • Although the vaccination drive is picking up pace albeit asymmetrically as apprehensions surrounding the aftereffects following immunization has not been addressed satisfactorily impeding the campaign, waning enthusiasm amongst the eligible populace to get inoculated amid signs of a second wave is bound to create a worrisome headache for the authorities concerned. The Union Government and the State Government have indeed displayed tremendous resilience in formulating ways, measures, and roadmap in balancing the imperatives of ensuring economic prudence as well as presenting a formidable challenge in fighting the virus.

PC: Leslee Komaiko and Kelly Hartog

  • Despite issuing persistent warnings and urging people to follow by now time tested the safety and health protocol of wearing the masks, maintaining social distance, and frequent hand washing, the people’s attitude observed over the past few months smacks of lackadaisical approach bordering on complacency and sheer neglect. Whatever gains achieved till now could be jeopardized in no time by letting go of health protocols as the country is again witnessing an alarming rise in infection cases of late. Apart from the government’s efforts, the onus also equally rests with the people to diligently follow safety measures to stay safe. What steps could be initiated?
  • The Union Government should open the vaccination drive by increasing the sessions as well as co-opting the private healthcare sector in even larger numbers. The process to receive vaccination too must be simplified as producing an Aadhaar Card should be good enough for the eligible. Further relaxing the category of eligible vaccine receivers like allowing people aged above 21 years should be considered. In the meanwhile, people are to restrict participating in social gatherings which are proving to be one of the fastest modes of spreading the infection besides observing defined protocols. Keeping fingers crossed! Hopefully, the crisis passes over!

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Krishna MV
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