Never be Scared to Evolve as Different from Everyone Else!

  • It is no less than absolutely fascinating to dig into the inner recesses of the human mind to arrive at small measures of understanding over years of reading, watching, observing, hearing, and of course, personally experiencing various emotions by attempting to name it earnestly. As each individual human being is differently programmed than the other, imagine how challenging and impossible it is to arrive at some conclusions to name or list out claiming comprehension about the most evolved living being in the universe. Even individuals would be unfamiliar with their own persona leave alone others coming out with justifiable narration.
  • Since times immemorial, extensive works undertaken to attempt at comprehending how exactly human behaviour evolved over the millennium and will evolve henceforth is nothing short of a miraculous endeavour revealing a bit but largely leaving out an infinite amount unexplored yet. Of course, evolved souls like profound thinkers, renowned philosophers, human scientists, religious leaders, spiritual explorers, and the ilk over the past many centuries have earnestly contributed in arriving at acceptable conclusions, not earth-shattering by any stretch of the imagination, but sufficient enough for further dissections.

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  • History is replete with any number of path-breaking contributions having permanently altered the way humankind sustains in line with the visible evolutionary trends as also changing equations brought about by the stunning line of advancements. After epochal inventions and revelations courtesy, resilient explorers determined to get under the indeterminate belly of Mother Nature did manage to emerge successful with extremely useful information paving way for a dignified existence, the quest to further discover an unfathomable treasure trove of information hidden in the dark subaltern abyss still continues.
  • As you are aware, humanity and its various aspects related to existence gradually evolved owing to remarkable experimentations after being subjected to unquantifiable faltering, battering, ridiculing, and profiling one particular issue at a time that can still be either questioned or faulted without equating with finality. Any guesses here? Let us explore what is that eventually separates lesser mortals from immortals through such once-in-a-generation achievements. Look no farther than scores of super achievers from any veritable fields where blessed human beings have strived through every sinew to leave behind an indelible mark.

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  • One common characteristic trait prominently noticeable in each of those go-getters stands out as a shining example worthy of emulation and adoption. That is wholeheartedly embracing absolutely priceless values like determination, honesty, integrity, commitment, dedication, sympathy, empathy, sacrifice, charity, composure, stoic demeanour, and unwavering positivity despite encountering adverse challenges to emerge victoriously is beyond doubt. Easier said than done though as the time-tested dictum to gain something worthwhile, one has to sacrifice something that holds true forever.
  • Yet another commonality observed in all those achievers is that they were never afraid or lacked in conviction to choose a path not traversed by any. Despite being termed as different from the lot, determined achievers knew one simple truth to be counted as standing out from the crowd i.e. unambiguous decision to remain dissimilar rather than to be counted amongst everyone else. Make no mistake, pursuing different paths has advantages and the eventual fruits of hard grind await provided one is prepared to traverse the length irrespective of temporary setbacks along the way. Why one amongst the others? Do not be scared to evolve differently from everyone else!

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Krishna MV
Krishna is a Post Graduate with specialization in English Literature and Human Resource Management, respectively. Having served the Indian Air Force with distinction for 16 years, Armed Forces background definitely played a very major role in shaping as to who & what he is right now. Presently, he is employed as The Administrator of a well known educational institute in Bangalore. He is passionate about sharing thoughts by writing articles on the current affairs / topics with insightful dissection and offering counter / alternate views thrown in for good measure. Also, passionate about Cricket, Music – especially vintage Kannada & Hindi film songs, reading – non-fictional & Self-Help Books, and of course, fitness without compromising on the culinary pleasures.