Neighborhood Churning Will Test Indian Diplomatic Skills

  • That India faces mounting challenges from the Chinese side ever since the Dragon Nation adopted expansionist measures to further illegal territorial claims in eastern Ladakh’s line of actual control (LAC) needs no further elaboration. Creditably, the Indian think tank never flinched from rising to the occasion with tit-for-tat measures against adventurism is also well documented. The situation along the LAC continues to be tense is a fact that cannot be overlooked nor glossed over. Implications on the Indian leadership handling the border issues alongside the challenges confronted by the raging pandemic would mean there is no room for complacency or taking a step back in mounting spirited retort to Chinese misadventures.


  • If the eastern borders endure remaining engaged with the Chinese, the western borders are always on tenterhooks owing to the terror theater diabolically perfected by Pakistan hell-bent on inflicting more damages to the country. On top of this, the Indian diplomatic channels will also be spending sleepless nights for the way the extremely fragile Afghanistan situation is unfolding on the back of the United States of America’s decision to completely withdraw its troops positioned for over two decades. It is most disturbing how decisively the Taliban is progressing in reclaiming territories hitherto placed under the safety of peacekeeping forces.
  • As is known, India has heavily invested in the infrastructural and rebuilding processes of Afghanistan and whatever gains achieved over the years would be forsaken as Pakistan would be itching to essay an even more direct role in controlling the fortunes of the insurgency ravaged country. Such a move would spell trouble for New Delhi’s attempts at maintaining a considerable presence of influence that it wishes to engage in. Indian thinktank should devise a methodology to directly connect with the Taliban rather than hoping to rely on things to unfurl organically. Diplomatic channels making concerted efforts to reach out to Iran and Pakistan too should be seriously considered. Even unofficial diplomatic connect should be explored if required.

PC: Ishtiaq Hussain Turi

  • Likewise, the Himalayan country of Nepal oscillates between covertly extending hands of friendship to China on several matters of economic interests whilst quoting historical alliance with us trying to balance it out. Nepal’s revolving door government has not helped one bit either. Adopting a smart approach like staying neutral without playing favorites with who is in power should help rebuild the trust factor that has taken a beating in recent times. An approach like the one adopted in Sri Lanka could be replicated in Nepal where the Rajapaksa family is firmly entrenched holding the reigns of the establishment. Of course, Bangladesh remains a steady ally and every effort to further strengthen would not harm cementing the same.
  • As can be easily comprehended, New Delhi will have to formulate strategies solely based on geopolitical compulsions as well as foresight to anticipate emerging eventualities by keeping its ear to the ground. Fast-changing dynamics in our neighborhood with China’s unhindered ambitions to expand its footprints all over the place to establish hegemony must be smartly countered. Thus, the Indian diplomatic core group should be working overtime to evolve sound stratagems allowing us a much-needed leeway to make our presence felt. Concurrently, leaving no stone unturned in gaining economic heft globally would elevate our position manifolds.

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