IPL 14 has Made a Brilliant Start! Fans Will Vouch for It!

  • Not for nothing the Indian Premier League (IPL) T20 tournament receives top billings from every major cricket playing nations for its sheer ability to attract millions of followers, willing sponsors prepared to spend billions, and of course, top-quality international cricketers themselves who wait with bated breath to exhibit their skills on an incredibly incomparable platform made available for the purpose. The popularity of the league has grown over the years is stating the obvious and most importantly, continues to influence more followers by the day.


  • Precociously talented cricketers getting an opportunity to realize their potential on the much-vaunted platform is a well-established fact. There are any number of cricketers who have made it big by going on to represent their respective countries after a spectacular showing in the IPL speaks volumes about the league acting as a springboard for greater glory and acclaim. No wonder, any skilled cricketer worth his salt will never let go of the prospect of playing in the lucrative tournament even if it requires skipping some of the planned bilateral series.
  • Quite a few renowned cricketers have announced retirement from the longer version of the game to concentrate on playing in the T20 leagues with an emphasis to represent one of the franchise teams of the IPL. The crazy fans would nod in agreement that the ongoing, as well as the immediate previous edition of the IPL, is being played under extraordinary circumstances owing to the pandemic-induced restrictions. The 13th edition was successfully staged in the UAE without the presence of spectators to accommodate the stringent pandemic guidelines.

PC:  Shaily Goyal

  • The present edition too will not see any change in the playing conditions though the event is hosted at home with venues restricted to six major cities. Yes, there are fewer chances of seeing spectators thronging the grounds as the second covid wave rages across the country spraying cold waters on the fans’ aspirations to witness live cricket action. There can be no two thoughts in mentioning that the 14th edition of the IPL is living up to the expectations so far and promises no dearth of excitement, thrills, frills, and heart-stopping moments as the tournament progresses to the business end.
  • The present situation vis-à-vis surging the second covid wave is anything but distressing and one of the most popular modes of entertainment the country is expected to embrace wholeheartedly only portends even more alluring prospects in the coming days. Since the other equally popular mode of entertainment viz. watching movies in cinema halls is curtailed courtesy restrictions, the eyeballs to watch cricket is bound to reach stratospheric heights.
  • Therefore, all contesting teams mindful of the fact that how challenging the ground situation around them is would leave no stone unturned in dishing out quality performances to keep the viewing public entertained to the core. Indications visible so far foretell a cracking few weeks as the tournament inches ahead. Sit back and soak in the atmosphere. Any distractions from the skullduggery of the pandemic-related distressing news in the form of cricketainment will be wholesomely welcomed.

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