India is Making the Right Noises and Moves Vis-a-vis China!

  • It is now increasingly clearer that New Delhi does not wish to play ball with the Chinese communist party mandarins when the unresolved issue of ingress in the Eastern Ladakh region continues to be a thorn. The bilateral relationship between the two South Asian giants is anything but cordial needs no further emphasis. Despite several rounds of dialogues/exchanges between the military and diplomatic channels, the dispute surrounding the claims over the line of actual control is nowhere near finding acceptable solutions. With both sides holding onto their respective claims on the crucial and strategic locations, there is no easy way out of the prevailing tense situation to herald a tangible solution. And the eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation sustains with no sign of relief in sight.

PC: Vicky Nanjappa

  • As is known by now, India has altered its tactics by not letting go of any opportunity in sending subtle and not-so-subtle messages across the border that it is no longer prudent to skirt issues or look another way when unwarranted border intrusions and overtly aggressive intent exhibited by Beijing sustains unabated. The majority opinion prevalent in the country also firmly supports such measures without meekly giving in to the tantrums of the Chinese. For that matter, even the global community led by the United States of America as well as the European Union has made no bones about deriding the Dragon Nation to curb its expansionist intentions. However, Beijing traverses at a different tangent presently scarcely stopping to care about insinuations.
  • Indian think-tank has exhibited intent in following a different path since the last year as can be seen with the reemergence of the Quad and imposing restrictions on many Chinese tech firms. Recently in an unusual move, Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on his 86th birthday which made headlines here for obvious reasons. It is a known fact that the Chinese leadership gets riled no end on matters concerning Tibet and especially the Dalai Lama who is treated as persona non grata and of course, Taiwan, respectively. Seen in that context, PM extending birthday wishes is a subtle indication of the recalibration in the China policy. Though, India has limited cards to confront a belligerent China on many fronts.


  • It is interesting to also note that PM extended formation day wishes to President Joe Biden a few days back but kept away from doing so when the Chinese Communist Party celebrated centenary day. Noticeably, the Government of India has initiated measures to scale back the economic engagement including keeping China out of the forthcoming 5G transition and parts of the tech market. Needless to mention, the global community sits up and takes notice only when the size and the sophistication of the domestic economy scale up allowing to secure strategic interests. Thus, it is imperative India assiduously works on its economic transformation to challenge Beijing’s hegemony. At the same time, shedding deferential treatment to China’s sensitivities vis-à-vis Taiwan, a Semi-Conductor behemoth, should also be pursued.

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