Hailing Taliban Overrun in Afghanistan is Despicable and Deplorable!

  • The entire global community is aware of the extremely cruel, ruthless, misogynistic, tyrannical, fundamentalist, bigoted, and inhuman face exhibited by the Taliban 1.0 with such ferociousness and complete disregard for fellow human beings in Afghanistan. Especially the girls and women had to bear the brunt of the merciless moves like slavery, rape, abuse, deprivation of education, jobs, freedom, and free movements imposed by the Taliban needs no further elaboration. Reams and reams have been written on the turbulent experiences of females who are considered as mere fodder for the ill-advised and logic-defying measures of the jihadi group. Those horrifying tales were forgotten for two decades owing to US-backed efforts in keeping the jihadis at bay.

PC: Associated Press

  • No sooner the then US President made a deal to withdraw military forces from the war-ravaged nation, the troubles for the Afghans were a foregone conclusion despite assurances from the Taliban to eschew moderation from their avowed despicable outlook. Of course, none were convinced with those announcements as earlier experiences of brutality and inhumane treatment meted out to the Afghan citizens are still fresh in their memories even after all these years. Unexpectedly, the lighting speed with which the Taliban gained access to every part of the country has not only surprised the global community but also has rendered the US-led alliances red-faced for capitulating meekly. Thus, the gruesome horrors of yore are back as the Taliban 2.0 takes effect. Available indications point to inevitable playing out of even more grisly tales.
  • As the signs of deprivation are visible on the horizon, scores of Afghans including females fearing reprisals and suffocating restrictions under the garb of fundamentalist propaganda are making a beeline to exit the country. The same has been captured so vividly over the last few days. The disturbing visuals of desperate people clinging onto the taxiing aircraft and some falling from giddying heights while taking off would send shivers down the spine. While the whole world is apprehensive about the eventual outcome as regards the immediate living standards of already battered, bruised, and bemoaning citizens, some homegrown fundamentalists are making uncharitable and unwarranted welcoming remarks hailing the Taliban takeover.


  • Anybody refusing to see the Taliban’s harmful fundamentalism as illegitimate and against the established world order of harmonious living is indulging in blatant depravity deserving no less than condescension and utmost contempt. One should not be blind to suppression of basic human rights by taking umbrage under the garb of religion which anyways never preaches to perpetrate detrimental actions on fellow beings. Now all those familiar name-callings viz. secular and communal usually bandied about so conveniently by the political class and intelligentsia should honestly look deep inside to realize how hypocritical their conduct has emerged from a humanitarian crisis underway in the region. Humanity cannot condone violence of any nature and the Taliban is vicious, without a doubt. Indulging in some truthful soul searching would not harm whatsoever.