7 Facts You Should Know About The Festival Of Colours (Holi)

festival Of colours

Holi is the most awaited festival of colors which is played across India and originated from Northern part of India. Holi signifies the good over the evil. Among so many reasons to celebrate holi, foremost is the Prahlad and Hiranyakshyap story. But Radha and Krishna’s narration is on extreme delight. Krishna played a prank with Radha and other gopis of putting color. Later this became a trend and a big part of the festival.

Here are some Facts you should know about Festival of Colours

festival Of colours 11. The date is March 23, 2016
Mostly holi comes in March but sometimes it falls in late February too. Since the festival is all about colors, each street in the market is filled with Gulal (Color Powder). Most of the areas and the marketplace has Pichkaris which is known as water guns. There are also water balloons which are an attraction for the youth and kids. So overall if you want to be drenched your friends, family and neighbours, you should be ready with these things.
festival Of colours 2

2. You burn the devil
A night before of playing colors, bornfires are built to burn the devil. People are gathered around the huge born fire and prayers are done. The stalks from the harvest are also offered to Agni with all modesty. When the Ashes left after the Bonfire, people usually consider that as a blessing. They also apply the same on their forehead, so it protects them from iniquity things around.


3. Throw Colors
festival Of colours 3Colours is the most fun time of the Holi festival. It is played the very next day of the Born Fire. Bright colors of gulal and colored filled with water buckets are kept ready to apply colors and drench the people around. It’s mostly the whacky time of the day. Children start spraying colors on one another with their pichkaris and throwing water balloons as the people are passing by. Songs and dance on the rhythm of dholak and mouthwatering Holi pudding are the spotlights.
festival Of colours 4


4. Bhang
Bhang is the most worth or a signature of the festival of colours. It’s the tradition which has been followed by ages. To further enhance the spirit of Holi people consume the intoxicating bhang on this particular day. This is so much fun to watch the people around making a clown face or acting like funny and laughs for no reason. But also, one should not consume the drink in excessively.



5. Expression of Love
festival Of colours 5How we could forget the lovers on this festival of colours. There is a popular legend behind it. The most wicked and mischievous Lord Krishna started a prank of playing colors with gopis. He wanted beloved Radha to look exactly like him after applying colours.

Although it is a fact that the Holi of Mathura, Vrindavan and Barsana are unbeatable. These are the places associated with the birth and childhood of Radha and Krishna.


festival Of colours 16. Rain dances
As the things around are getting modern, so is the festival of colours. Nowadays, most of the clubs have started a trend of a Rain dance where the youngsters prefer to visit and enjoy the dance music and just get drained of water to beat the heat. These Clubs usually keep the location on lawn side or at poolside, so you can not only enjoy the music but also the festive sweets and foods.


festival Of colours 77. Environmental Concerns
Yes the colours are fun there are some health and environmental issues as well. Earlier the colours were made up of turmeric, natural flowers and leave with no added preservative. Although today expert says, there is a concern over new toxins and colours used.



Though you can find many cool campaigns around to use natural and colors and stop wasting waters.
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