Enjoy and Love Every Moment of Life, Don’t Save It for Tomorrow!

  • I was completely floored when the above caption, one of those WhatsApp mornings forwards wishing us a great day, masqueraded in front of eyes instantly catching my attention. Could not but admire the inherent life meaning so succinctly mentioned in very few words of wisdom. People in the know would recollect having read and heard about scores of wanderers desperately setting forth in search of inferring the real meaning of life having spent innumerable years deciphering nature’s true plans for us. Very few who could conclusively succeed in breaking the secret would also have marveled at the simplicity associated with some of the discoveries.

PC: Indira Dutta

  • Available resources in the form of legends, written scriptures, and tales passed on from generation to generation always espouses simple living without encumbering self with unwarranted greed, jealousy, and petty thinking fostering ill-will towards others. Sustaining such thoughts for long eventually proving to be counterproductive. Every religious scriptures and belief systems have unwaveringly exhorted us to embrace a path of harmonious living treating another living being with equanimity as well as humbleness. Remember, none of us are blessed with extraordinary powers to take on the mantle of the almighty or endowed with abilities to drive humanity as we may desire.
  • We are preordained to pass on as mere mortals and are bound to get submerged in nature’s infinitesimal belly when our time is called. Indeed, history is replete with the greatest of the warriors, emperors, conquerors, and legendary personalities with ambitious outlooks having attempted to rule over Mother Earth with extreme brutality. But none of them could survive beyond their stipulated time tamely departing to the nether world howsoever mighty he or she might have been. There is an obvious lesson for all to learn and adapt as the evolved souls and revered scriptures so unambiguously propagate the simple values of life meant to be embraced with wholesome willingness.

PC: David T

  • What is the message emanating from those progressed souls who could crack the purpose of our existence on this beautiful planet? It is nothing but blissfully going along with life’s roller coaster-like ride with never a moment too long to nurture feelings of complacency and arrogant disposition. We will encounter invariable ups and downs but helping us keep rooted to the ground must come from our understanding of nature. Life will throw up challenges at unexpected times and as such, it is up to us as to how we intend to face the same. Misery, agony, bad times, unpleasant situations, uncomfortable happenstances, and unforeseen losses are bound to befall often. How do we choose to tide over the circumstances that eventually define us?
  • The choice is entirely ours as anything over the top vis-à-vis extreme emotions of screaming or drowning in despair and gloom will not erase or alter the reality of unpleasant scenarios stalking us. How quickly we might be getting over the sad phase allows us to regroup sooner than later. Too much of anything is classified as bad. Therefore, anything that relieves the fear and pain should be wholeheartedly accepted, and what better way than to enjoy life as it lays out plans for us. No use in sulking or berating our fate as life will be equanimous if accepted in the right spirit.

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Krishna MV
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