Digital India Needs to Shore up By Scrupulously Clearing Technical Glitches!

  • India is globally acknowledged and recognized as the software capital of the world owing to tremendous achievements on the modern technological front and its path-breaking advancements in the digital world driven by home-grown professionals requires no further elaboration. That the Indian churning of software professionals to the tune of millions comfortably ensconced in very many countries speaks volumes about the proficiency and efficiency in strengthening the field of digital technology. No wonder, the world is awed by the sheer number of Indian software professionals dotting the latest technology front driving the universe.

PC: Lauren Frye

  • Of course, any inventions, innovations, and developments should aid humanity in its progress by ensuring smooth sailing especially related to economic activities. On this count, the income-tax department launched a new e-filing portal on 07th June by hard-selling the same as a game-changer for all those requiring making use of the department’s interface mechanism. What should have been a seamless and enjoyable experience for the users is turning out to be a forgettable encounter as the results from the initial usage of the portal is extremely disappointing. Left with no option available to air grievances, the frustrated users are taking to social media to give vent to their feelings in a no-holds-barred sharing of views.
  • No less than the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman too used social media to ask the contractor, Infosys, and its co-founder Nandan Nilekani to resolve the problem faced by the users. This story is one week old now and there are still no signs of users getting relief from the portal’s experience and thus, continue to remain hugely dissatisfied. Note that there are consequences for taxpayers if they are unable to meet deadlines. It fails to make sense as e-filing has been around for a while now as the messy transition to a new portal posing challenges to the users is simply inexcusable. Of course, messy digital transitions are not rare going by past experiences. People would recollect how the initial phase of GST was hampered by an inadequate technology backbone leading to unmitigated challenges for a considerable period.

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  • It took several months for rectifying the technical glitches bogging the launch of GST a few years back. More recently, the Cowin platform launched for vaccination proved to be unfair to people unfamiliar with digital registrations. Forget about technologically challenged people, even the knowledgeable lot had to contend with the glitches surrounding the app during the initial days. It is another story altogether that the app could be stabilized after considerable efforts. It is worth reiterating that the technology platforms are now the irreplaceable delivery mechanisms for a range of governance services. It is supposed to benefit not just citizens but also governments in dealing with increasing reliance on technology-driven delivery services.
  • Digitization offers a unique opportunity to improve governance standards by enhancing transparency. The usefulness of the medium can be gauged by not looking far ahead than Aadhaar which is essaying a predominant role in the country’s digitization efforts. A mind-boggling biometric database of over 1.25 billion people defines Aadhaar as having assumed a ubiquitous presence in the Government’s service delivery schemes, including welfare measures. Therefore, it is incumbent on the part of the authorities to ensure the quality of the user interface increases dramatically, including the newer iterations of a digital interface, inclusive of the IT portal.

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