Devil and the Deep Sea – Covid Cure, and Vaccination!

  • Lamenting about the pandemic succeeding in wrecking the economy, lives, livelihood, and harmony of the universe and its inhabitants no longer evokes an acknowledgment simply because there is still no respite from the unwanted whippings, we all are subjected to even now. The scourge of the pandemic has been on the ascendancy despite concerted efforts to rein in the menace is a fact extremely hard to fathom. Yet another wave visible has put paid to humanity’s hopes of conquering the virus despite record inventions of vaccines as a counter. Humankind’s applecart remains disturbed cannot be disputed nor questioned as the situation demonstrates.

PC:  Jagannatha Puri HKM

  • As developed, developing, and poor countries grapple hard to mount a commendable challenge to halt the unabated onslaught by the dreaded virus, each country is presented with unique situations to combat to stay relevant in the race to sustain dignified existence. The Indian government is no exception to the unfolding circumstances as it battles a renewed surge of confirmed infection rates as the second covid wave has started making a compulsive presence. With the number of cases touching unheard of the six-figure mark, the precarious spot we find ourselves is revealed to full extent scurrying the authorities to act purposefully.
  • Yes, the government alone cannot be expected to shoulder such a humongous responsibility by essaying the role of enforcer, counselor, motivator, adjudicator, and facilitator in curbing the alarmingly growing infection rates. Primarily, the authorities have an onerous task of ensuring the health of not only the citizens but also the country’s economy to keep it afloat by balancing equitably. It is disappointing to note that how callous, complacent, and complicit citizens have become while spectacularly failing to supplement the efforts of the government authorities by adhering to prescribed standard operating procedures to keep the virus at bay.

PC: Jeroen Kraaijenbrink

  • Scant disregard in wearing the protective mask as also blatantly failing to maintain social distance to stay away from contracting infection has become the norm. The only silver line visible amidst the raging state is the vaccination drive finally showing signs of picking up pace after the initial battle with apprehension, scaremongering, and general distrust towards the vaccine. Unfortunately, the emergence of the second covid wave which is proving to be quite a handful with its infectious spread is proving to be a double whammy for the authorities. No wonder, the government and health authorities find themselves in an unenviable position in tackling the challenges galore.
  • Under the circumstances, the authorities cannot be faulted if they feel sandwiched between the devil and the deep sea. The dangers of health infrastructure getting overwhelmed by the surge in infection cases are real. So also, the urgency in scaling up vaccination sessions to vaccinate a greater number of beneficiaries with a firm hope to extend protection to as many citizens as is humanly possible. Of course, we the countrymen are resilient enough to tide over the crisis and we shall get over this difficult phase for sure. As responsible citizens let us do our bit by scrupulously following the safety and health guidelines.