Dawn of a New Era Not Only for the USA But the World as Well!

  • With the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States of America in Joe Biden, the most acrimonious, rebellious, vitriolic, polarized, alienated, and almost militant tenure of the predecessor has come to an end. With the incumbent assuming the most powerful office of the world, expectations to revert to moderate and sensible administration without hankering about the imaginatively perceived wrongdoings domestically as well as internationally, synonymous with the previous regime, would hopefully commence at once. Note that President Joe Biden is on the hot seat when that country is looking strikingly different from what it did in the earlier inauguration.

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  • The mountain of challenges confronting the new administration will have to first address the uninterrupted reign of the COVID-10 pandemic that has killed more than four lakh Americans and counting. Much of the avoidable killings to the pandemic could be attributed to federal mismanagement that grossly failed to adhere to strict health and safety protocols right at the beginning. Trump’s disdain for wearing the mask and scant disregard for social distancing norms enormously contributed to the virus spread that continues unabated. Apart from the domestic socio-economic toll, note that the US has also abdicated its role as leader of the free world.
  • Incomprehensible moves like squabbling with democratic allies while attempting to engage with authoritarian populists has misfired big-time considerably reducing the heft the superpower enjoyed not so long ago. The world is witness to domestic polarization reaching alarming depths was highlighted with the scarcely unbelievable attack on the Capitol by the extremist and violent rioters. Needless to mention, the new administration has its task cut out devising correctives at multiple levels to ensure a semblance of normalcy returns at the earliest.


  • Even before the inauguration, Joe Biden had unambiguously spelled out the aspirational target of 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine in the first 100 days an absolute necessity to subdue the raging virus. Once the vaccination drive gains traction at home to address the economic damage of the pandemic, the administration should go about repairing relationships with various allies abroad, especially to take on China’s ambitious expansionist agenda without any further delay. After a chaotic and disorderly tenure, the onus squarely rests on the new administration to go the extra distance to take solid international cooperation to revitalize the global rules-based order.
  • What it entails for India in the coming days should be viewed pragmatically without expecting too much variance from the earlier regime. The US would aim to ensure the South Asian power balance is not too skewed in favour of China and policy based on the same premise should be good news for us. The contentious H1-B visa should also get a favorable look-in as well. Of course, a comprehensive trade agreement should receive a renewed thrust alongside further fillip to increasingly prominent defense cooperation keeping in line with the global security scenario. Hopefully, much-awaited new world order would ensue.

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