Criticism Should Always Spur Us to Achieve Greater Heights!

  • Trying picking brains of any successful entrepreneurs, businessmen, professionals, or for that matter, career politicians by quizzing them how they went about achieving stated objectives. Unfailingly, each one of them representing diverse fields would have a fascinating story to narrate about how eventually they succeeded in realizing those intended dreams only after undergoing tremendous amounts of trials, tribulations, shedding copious sweat, blood, and sacrifices. Not necessarily in that order. Needless to mention, everything has a gestation period and goal realization too must undergo all that is expected over a certain period before a completed product appears. No shortcuts are entertained, you see.

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  • Every single human life making nascent presence in this beautiful universe must spend nine months in the mother’s womb. Likewise, the allegory aptly applies to whatever endeavour opted to by human beings in their pursuit of excellence where challenges galore is bound to confront along the way. None can lay claim to having had experienced a cakewalk to reach the goalpost without having to encounter one or the other form of testing. The law of the universe simply does not work in this fashion. Mind you, the universe also does not indulge in favoritism, unfair means, or extend hands of friendship to one individual as compared to another. The level playing field set about for any purposes in the Universe’s scheme of things will always remain unchanged.
  • The only scale of difference lies between the ears of an individual(s) who retain the rights to become great from the ordinary and/or vice-versa. Yes, what transpires in the deep recess of the mind ultimately decides what one eventually turns out to be. As diverse human beings are in their dispositions, so are the thought processes too that shapes every individual persona into what they wish to finally emerge. The majority simply wither away failing to live up to the demanding expectations along the way to realize aspirations citing every palpable reason(s), but never acknowledging their own fallibility. It is also equally true that many of us keep worrying about what others think whilst moving along our chosen paths rather than spend precious energies in single-mindedly focusing to achieve aims.

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  • As many well-wishers are lining up to extend support, there are even more adversaries wishing to see us fail miserably as well. One of the most destructive tools available to deflate dreams is the criticism that could be construed in different manners. As the saying goes, each to his own. As you are aware, there is healthy criticism that invariably spurs on people to further consolidate their focus and take decisive steps in the right direction. Conversely, criticism is also used as a striking weapon by those opponents desperately wishing to see the downfall that simply destroys many a dream through venomous and vituperative innuendos. Of course, allowing criticism to stop us from surging ahead is tantamount to the weakness of resolve, nothing else.
  • It is proven beyond doubt that there is no harm in learning from fair criticism which should provide a reasonable viewpoint in course correction, wherever required, to stay relevant. And should also be strong enough to ignore if the criticism forthcoming is unfair largely based on unjust and dubious considerations. What matters is to keep going ahead without ever bothering to be subdued by extraneous factors. As mentioned above, successful achievers will surely vouch for this as well. The best ways is to make that criticism spur us to scale newer heights.

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Krishna MV
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