China’s Power Churning Will Have Global Consequences in the Future!

  • The Communist Party of China (CPC) is a powerful party-state ruling the Dragon Nation not only with an iron hand but also helping the country scale never seen before heights in the global pecking order. The spectacular rise of China in all walks of global standards needs no further elaboration. That China has positioned itself as the only nation capable of challenging the long-held hegemony of the United States of America speaks volumes about the tremendous progression achieved by the communist regime. It no longer remains secret that Beijing aspires to become the sole superpower targeting to overtake the US in the not-so-distant future.

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  • Towards realizing this, there are so many strategic changes being contemplated under the aegis of the CPC. One of the most defining changes underway is the moves to secure what is being widely seen as paving the way for Xi Jinping to secure a third term at the helm of China’s party-state machinery next year. As such, the CPC has just issued a resolution, only the third such in its history, to elevate Xi to the status of iconic Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, respectively. As is known, Xi has resolutely consolidated power over his two terms alongside pushing modern China into largely uncharted territory.
  • Close observers of the happenings in China would be aware that a smooth transition of power was touted as an achievement of the CPC. That was till Xi’s elevation in 2012. Everything has changed dramatically since then. Xi coming to power has dented the erstwhile successful model of collective leadership on the back of having totally disrupted the succession line by erasing the term limit on the Chinese presidency. Indeed, such a move appears to be a dangerous gamble. Of course, China seems stronger than ever before from the outside by adopting ambitious as well as belligerent approaches whilst asserting itself in the border, maritime, foreign policy disputes, and rapidly building up its military strength.

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  • The goal is to become a powerful enough nation equal or greater than the US as mentioned above. History is replete with instances where rarely anything moves in a straight line. With no avenues available to express alternative opinions in China, Xi cannot be seen to be making mistakes. Quite a tall order to live up to where no slack is allowed or tolerated. No wonder, why China continues to stick to a zero-Covid strategy with ultra-strict lockdowns despite most of the world having abandoned this course. The pressure will be high on Xi continually seen to be performing in a system that is mostly opaque and closed.
  • Further, if Xi is incapacitated in the future to lead from the front, succession could become even messier notwithstanding talk about some second-line leadership being touted as possible successors. The emerging situation begs a question with global consequences: Is CPC’s new version of history even more worrisome for the world than the old one? The obvious answer is yes, indeed. The global community will remain on tenterhooks shortly not knowing what will eventually emerge from the inscrutable communist regime. Keep looking out for this space.

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