Bihar Political Dynamics has Changed for Good!

  • The state of Bihar is one of the most crucial Hindi heartland political landscapes often indicating which way the wind is blowing. Alongside Uttar Pradesh, Bihar always sets the tone for the political direction whose ramifications can be felt resonated in the National Capital. As recently unfolded election result reveals, the BJP led NDA has achieved an upper hand over nearest rival the RJD led Mahaghatbhandan toppling predictions of every opinion/exit polls. Make no mistake, the BJP has gained enormous clout in the state emerging as the leading partner of the coalition.

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  • The BJP’s preeminent standing at the cost of Nitish Kumar led JD(U) will erode the heft of the Chief Minister in no small measure with the saffron party expected to pull the strings from behind the scene in a game of political one-upmanship. People closely following the Bihar politics will vouch that Nitish Kumar has adroitly endured many an upheaval in his long political inning to date but finds himself in an unchartered territory by losing grip within the alliance. The JD(U)s unimpressive performance in the recent election is a gamechanger to the altered equation.
  • Keen observers will subscribe to the view that the usual caste conundrum dictating the roadmap ahead in Bihar has been deftly played out by the BJP outmaneuvering all other parties. The inevitability of keeping the caste equations addressed satisfactorily appears to favor the BJP going by the voting patterns available where women from extreme backward castes and Dalits have blessed the Hindutva party more than the others. No wonder, the BJP has emerged as the second-largest party cutting across caste equations and marginally behind the RJD but way above the alliance partner, the JD(U).

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  • By now, it is familiar to the keen observers that the BJP’s ever-churning electoral machinery and the meticulously cultivated organizational structure prepares the party to perpetually remain on election mode. No need to look or dissect the reason for the same as the leaders at the helm of affairs are so determinedly focused on surging ahead that nothing comes in their way of establishing the party footprints in newer and unconquered territories. Now that the BJP is firmly established in Bihar’s political firmament, it is indeed interesting to note how it will play out extending reach in the future.
  • The BJP positioning two Deputy Chief Minister’s in the newly sworn-in government, on the lines of Uttar Pradesh administration, will leave the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar ceding considerable ground not only in terms of the number of ministers owing to lesser seats won but also the traction to hold the lever of power in his own hands. It should not be surprising if the incumbent Chief Minister fails to complete full term courtesy political dynamics that will unravel sooner than later. Who said Modi magic is not working, it is and gaining by the day! Interesting times ahead!

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