Being Thankful Will Lead to a Sense of Fulfillment and Happiness!

  • Over the ages, many profound thinkers, evolved souls, yogic practitioners, spiritual gurus, intellectuals, and similar such individuals’ have unfailingly propagated the futility of nurturing negative emotions that are bound to create more harm than anything else. Even though human beings are brought up on a steady diet of listening to these wisest virtues right from the growing up years, how many of us eventually follow the time-tested dictum is open to debate. The secret to leading an uncluttered life comes to fruition only when we mere mortals can rein in the mind which more often than not races away pulling in different directions.

PC: Racchna Sharma

  • Not for nothing, it is vociferously advocated to keep the mind in check lest it leave one in disarray. The maxim mind over matter is done to death and none can dispute this fact either. But it holds true even now and will hold true for eternity too. You see, the law of the universe never alters and will follow exactly as it is meant to be. One significant feature that separates human beings from animals and other creatures is our unique ability to think and imagine whatever the mind conjures up. Also, perception to essays a critical role. One individual’s happiness might be viewed as sorrow by others. Likewise, someone’s grief-ridden existence might be construed as irrelevant and uncalled-for without any rhyme or reason as well.
  • Similarly, mixed emotions pervading in our thought streams can be anything from joy to despondent to exhilarating to grief and vice versa. Further, human beings are also distinctively positioned to seek more pleasure using greed which sometimes exceeds beyond scale or imagination. The quest for acquisition of more and even more has pervaded since times immemorial, and there are no signs of any apparent slowing down contrary to exhortations to not pursue the path of vice either. The history is replete with innumerable instances having destroyed kings, kingdoms, and kinship whilst pursuing matters duly identified as greed.

PC: Filia Garivaldis

  • If so, what is the best possible method to avoid falling into the trap of vortex-like avarice capable of destroying us in a jiffy? What do the trusted ancient scriptures, teachings, traditions, and practices tell us on the matter? Every sing faith simply advocates the same i.e., cultivating a habit of expressing gratitude for whatever way we are blessed with without hankering around possessions we are not meant to possess in the first place. The moot point to ponder over here is how do we mere mortals are expected to cultivate an unknown entity called gratitude and inculcate the same in our daily existence?
  • As mentioned above, varied emotions browsing through our veins can make or break us. As such, determinedly pursuing to remain happy, content, and steady by keeping at bay harmful negatives far would be of utmost importance. As the saying goes, anything practiced for several days forms as a habit, feeling happy even in the face of challenging circumstances can be achieved by focused practice. Easier said than done though. Of course, what stops us from feeling thankful for all that we have been blessed with rather than hankering about those not meant to be available. An honest introspection and implementation would do a world of good for sure. Try it out!

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Krishna MV
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