An Earnest Request to Opposition Parties to Speak in Unison!

  • The Indian citizens are pragmatic and realistic enough to realize the enormity of the pandemic-induced devastations rendering the nation in present dire straits. We are also aware of the situation prevalent forcing us to seek remedies even though the ramshackle healthcare infrastructure consistently fails to provide an adequate number of beds, oxygen, drugs/steroids, ICUs, and ventilators to those seeking relief from the marauding virus. Thousands have lost their lives and livelihood owing to the destruction caused by the virus menace is also not disputed but taken simply on the chin to move ahead adroitly. You see, we are famed to show resilience despite facing crunching situations when adversity confronts us big-time.

PC: Sumi Sukanya Dutta

  • It was known all along that we as a nation are ill-equipped to tackle humongous challenges on the healthcare front simply because we never laid great emphasis on sprucing up by pumping in required funds. Healthcare along with the education sector is grossly underfunded is stating the obvious though successive governments have rendered lip-service and glorified incitements to allocate required funds. In reality, nothing substantial and concrete allocations to strengthen these two critical sectors has ever seen the day of light. Yes, election times are conveniently used to stir up dormant issues like education and healthcare but forgotten the moment some political party comes to power. And the unyielding cycle of promises and assurances continues.
  • One of the most visible maladies witnessed on the political landscape of the country is to see every party worth its salt did not let go of an opportunity of berating, ridiculing, pulling down, cornering, and confronting opposition ranks to gain brownie points in the eyes of the electorate. Parochial considerations define the political parties and the systemic rot has only gained further traction over the years even when matters of national importance are at stake. Be it terrorist attacks sponsored from across the border by the untrustworthy neighbour, expansionist mindset resulting in illegal occupation by the overtly ambitious China, defence deals to equip the struggling armed forces to stay combative, or for that matter handling of the pandemic situation, the opposition ranks are always on a fault-finding mission.

PC: Seham Momaneh

  • Of course, nobody in the right senses would expect the opposition to roll out the red carpet and side with the ruling dispensation at all times. The democracy thrives on robust and strong opposition keeping a wise check on the government functioning. However, the present situation vis-à-vis the pandemic panning out distressingly overwhelming sufferings on the citizens behoves entire opposition ranks to side with the government’s efforts to mount concerted challenges against the common enemy. The need of the hour for the opposition is to extend wholehearted support, assistance, suggestions, and helping hand to the extent possible by relegating differences to the back-burner.
  • Where is the necessity to berate or deride the government at so many international forums making us feel so inadequate and grossly ill-prepared? Time and again projecting the nation in poor light only adds to the prevailing negativity further intensifying the pessimism amongst the citizens. Petty politicking can be entertained and indulged in when the horrific run of the virus menace subsides. Remember, people are the true judges and will decide who would be entrusted to govern them. In the interim, an earnest request is not out of place urgings political parties to support unequivocally the government’s endeavours to defeat the virus.

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Krishna MV
Krishna is a Post Graduate with specialization in English Literature and Human Resource Management, respectively. Having served the Indian Air Force with distinction for 16 years, Armed Forces background definitely played a very major role in shaping as to who & what he is right now. Presently, he is employed as The Administrator of a well known educational institute in Bangalore. He is passionate about sharing thoughts by writing articles on the current affairs / topics with insightful dissection and offering counter / alternate views thrown in for good measure. Also, passionate about Cricket, Music – especially vintage Kannada & Hindi film songs, reading – non-fictional & Self-Help Books, and of course, fitness without compromising on the culinary pleasures.